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im having problems with the facetime. This is my first apple computer so Im still not that great with using them. I updated my os to 10.6.6 and got the facetime. When i add a contact and go to click on them everytime whether its iphone or ipod it just says facetime failed and when i tried to call my computer from someones ipod it said i didnt have facetime service or something like that

macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    IF you are using your own iPod and your own Mac then each has to have it's own Face Time username.

    The Username for anything other than an iPhone tends to need the creation of an Apple ID (Any Name linked to an Email address but can be the email address itself).
    There can be issues with using the same Email address twice with a second Apple ID.

    Although this Apple article was written for using an iPhone with a router it applies no matter where the App is being used on your LAN (Computer, iPhone or iOS4 device)

    Ideally if you are going to use Multiple devices behind your Router the ports should be opened using a method that allows multiple devices to use the same ports.
    The easiest to set up would be UPnP (Universal plug And Play) if your Router has it.

    You may also need to Check System Preferences > Security > Firewall
    If On then go to the advanced Button and check that "Allow Signed Apps" is Enabled and FaceTime is in the list.

    7:48 PM Tuesday; January 25, 2011

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    Ive tried ipods on my router and iphones on other routers. i have the firewall off completely and it still just says failed everytime
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    Most routers have the ports up to port 1024 open all the time and accessible by any device.

    Some list Firewalls separate from where they open ports.
    Listing the Ports in the Firewall may not be enough to Open them. (However on some devices listing them to Open allows them through the Firewall)

    This example pic from the Portforward.com site lists "Virtual Servers" (Port Forwarding on other devices) and a separate button for the devices Firewall.
    <mg src="http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Dlink/DI-624/DI-624 3.jpg">

    UPnP is obviously a better option when you have multiple devices wanting to use the same ports through the router.
    The D-Link in that Advanced Tab has Virtual Server and Applications (Port Triggering).
    Those D-Links that have UPnP, hide it away in the Tools Tab (i.e not where other Port Opening settings are).

    I know which ports to set to "Listen" for iChat when setting up Port Triggering but I have not worked it out for FaceTime.

    FaceTime also has not made it on to the Lists of the Apps and Games they list for each Router set up.

    9:01 PM Wednesday; January 26, 2011

    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"