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When people call me or I call them its a one way audio issue where only I can hear them. Sometimes it works and we can have a conversation but then my audio goes out and Im stuck hearing them say hello. Its not a service or call drop issue. The face time voice recoder skype and other apps work fine with the voice so the problem isnt the mic. I got the phone replaced at the apple store last week and the same problem persist. Next step was to go to att. Att has now said that its not a network issue and that its a hardware issue when thats not possible because I have had the same problem with two different phones where people could hear me using other apps no problem. Now att is blaming apple and apple is blaming att and im stuck not able to make simple phone calls.

toshiba, Windows 7
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    i am having the same issue with my phone. called apple and they said the phone was out of waranty so i would have to pay for a new phone or any repairs that were needed. hoping i can find something in the these forums that will help me out as i really don't want to pay a few hundred dollars for a new phone.
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    I have serious doubts that this would solve the issue for a lot of folks... but, after searching a bunch of forums and apple support and trying a number of different suggestions (to no avail) I resorted to the old can of compressed air. Voila. Must have cleaned something out that was blocking the mic. Worth a shot if you're having trouble with people hearing you.
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    I am having the same issue - with my last 2 iPhone 4's. My first handset each time I was on a call wether it was up to my ear or on loud speaker, the call would automatically mute even though the mute button wouldn't show up as highlighted. Pressing the mute button on and off during the call doesn't fix it either. I rang Apple and asked what some of their trouble shooting solutions were. I got told that it might be a software issue and to install the latest software update. This failed. I then got told to uninstall the software on the phone and do a complete restore. This also failed. After trying the troubleshooting suggestions, I took the phone into my provider and they sent me out a new phone within a week under warranty claiming it was a hardware issue and probably just a "glitch" with that particular phone. This was not the case....

    After receiving my second iPhone 4, I was hopeful that it would work. For the first couple of days, making/receiving calls was not an issue. Until after about a week, the same problem started again. In one instance I had to hang up and call back 4 times and the call would still automatically mute after about 5 seconds. Also on the second handset, the main camera located on the back of the phone has red and blue lines running through it and can't take a decent picture. So back to the store I go to get another replacement - Again.

    For a phone that is rated highly and as a keen Apple product purchaser, I am a bit disappointed with the experience I have had with the iPhone 4. Let's hope they find a fix sometime soon because this is becoming a bit beyond a joke.....!!
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    here also the same problem, i got my iphone 4 recently, 1st 2-3 weeks its work greatly. but now it has a problem over mic. while on call person who is in other side loss my voice suddenly, it happens after 2-3 minutes from the call.

    i think the problem with software,because mic is working with other apps. so we hope apple will makes the problem soon.