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question: it appears that in the round trips between pages osx and pages ipad, anything entered with apostrophe's or quote marks on the ipad does not use curly quotes (smart quotes). is there a simple way to globally change all marks in the file to the smart kind on the computer, and is there a way to get smart quote marks from ipad entered text?

mac pro 17, etc, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    On the mac we rule that from the app's preferences pane.

    I hope that there is such a tool in the iPad version.

    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) lundi 24 janvier 2011 22:02:34
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    i do understand how to set the preference on the laptop, but that doesn't change the straight quotes that already were entered back to curly, unless i go and delete each mark and reenter it.

    i don't see any preference pane for the ipad version of pages to control smart quotes; the global preference for 'auto correction' might control smart quotes on the ipad, but that would be unworkable, since i routinely use words it doesn't recognize (languages not english, and just unusual english words). hopefully there is another way, or will be soon...
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    Have you looked in the iPads System preferences for text and smart quotes? On the laptop you can change in both Pages and in the System preferences. N.B. If they are written straight in Pages they stay straight. I guess the same goes for the iPad.
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    there are no system preference panes on the ipad governing smart quotes i can find. i tried turning on auto-correction, which doesn't work either.

    so it sounds like you are saying there is no way to go in and change all quote marks in a document to straight or curly after they have been entered? if this is the case it will seriously limit the usefulness of my ipad as a lightweight solution for revising text on the go.
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    way to go in and change all quote marks in a document to straight or curly after they have been entered?

    I think the utility WordService can do this in OS X.
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    You could try in Pages on the laptop to Find and replace the quotes. Even if you replace what you have your laptop Pages/system might think it is a new quote and curl it. It is worth a try. You can use Replace all so it wouldn't take much time.
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    hmm, i thought i had tried this and it didn't work, but i just tried it again to be sure and this time it seems to have worked fine. not sure what changed in between.

    so i guess if i can remember to do that for all quotes and apostrophes as a last step, editing on the ipad isn't completely impossible.
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    No, it should work fine without to much hassle. I am glad it did work.