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hey guys,

my gf got a problem with her ipod touch 4th gen. if she or iam trying to shut it down (pressing hold, sliding the slidebar...) it normally shuts down. thats also what this ipod does. but seconds later it really automatically starts up again. in that context "really" means that there is absolutely no input given to the ipod, neither on the touchpad, nor via the home or hold button. no shaking or anything else.
so a simple shut down allways results in an ordinary reboot.

this behavior is normal for at least the last 3 weeks. we've done a restore but things wont change. so iam a little confused if its really a software-problem or a hardware thing.

currently theres ios 4.1 installed and is has never been jailbreaked.

so of course my question is what is the reason for this and how can i fix it?

thanks a lot in advance

and best regards from snowy germany


ipod touch 4th gen, Mac OS X (10.4), shutdown reboot
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    Try holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons down for at least a minute. The screen should be totally black at this point. Then restart it and see what it does. If it still does not work, do another restore with the latest 4.2.1 firmware. If you still have problems, contact Apple and get it serviced.

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    Hi MacMedic,

    ill try the update tonight. the trick with holding the buttons for at least a min wont work for that one. the screen gets black but in the same second the apple logo reveals and the ipod would boot again. then again the black screen.
    it turns on and off, and on and off, and on and off..........

    so far. ill try the update and if it wont work i will send it in for service.

    thanx so far.