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ok, I've got this "new" G5 (1.6 GHz, uniprocessor, 1 GB Ram - but more on this later) and I've tried to update the firmware to 5.1.5f2 booting with Tiger from a firewire external hd (the internal hd has Leopard, updated to 10.5.8 and to the latest everything else). I carefully (sort of, more later) followed the instructions provided by Apple and the Installer: "click shut down in the firmware updater ... press and hold the power button ... until you hear a long tone..." etc. but then the next step is never the status bar of the firmware updater but instead it boots from the internal hd, obviously without installing the updated firmware
The only point I'm not following of the instructions is the "remove any third party Ram" bit as I don't have any (and it's obviously not easy and cheap to find Apple branded Ram for an oldish Mac/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png); also yesterday when I opened the G5 to check what was already inside I discovered there were not only 2 third party DDR2700 333 modules (512 MB each) and 2 other DDR2700 modules (again both 512), one a 133 MHz and the other with both a 166 MHz and a 333 MHz sticker on it ().
I removed the "freak" modules (according to the System Profiler their lots were "empty") but it didn't change anything for the firmware update. Do I really need to use Apple certified Ram? Or maybe it's because I'm booting from an external? I'm going to get another internal very soon anyway (possibly even today).
Also, last but not least: I've not been able to find a pdf manual to my G5, the only one I've found on the Apple support I suspect it's about the 2004 machines... any link to the manual for a 1st generation G5? Many thanks/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png

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