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1st time poster on here but I've had it with the Apple Support call lines. Have both the 3GS and the 4 and yet they're unwilling to help my predicament & seriously I'm considering jumping boat & going over to android OS as this is a major issue for me as I left Nokia for the same reason.

I was originally running Office 2007 on my PC. With the latest version of iTunes & the latest 4.2.1 f/ware on my iPhone. Was syncing very well with the iPhone with no issues. Then all of a sudden it stopped. I only had some of the contacts being synced, some of the notes not all & only birthdays no other calendar entries.

As a result of this I went thro' these support forums & did the following:

1) re-installed the latest version of iTunes - still no luck
2) re-installed Office 2007 - still no luck
3) Purchased a new copy of Office 2010 (thinking that would sort out the probs) - still no joy
4) Did a ScanPST to chk the outlook files, Errors were found & a new file was created by the s/ware - a backup made of the old pst files
5) Checked format of Outlook file & it was a Outlook Data File - requested by the Apple tech guys!

I have been getting a Outlook Sync Client not working error & the tech guys told me this was due to the data files being in the old format - but chk'd and they were current format.

My Outlook PST file is over 4gb in size & has 50k or more calendar entries, 300+ contacts etc... I can't import 1 entry into a new file at a time.

This is driving me insane. I've purchased nearly a grand's worth of Apple Equip't and they don't work with my PC! The apple guys said go back to M'Soft - not willing to help in the slightest

I must have the calendar entries as I use it for work and its essential - my need to go back to my Palm or PPC they worked flawlessly with Outlook

Please can someone help me to get this working, how can i chk the outlook file's are now ok. ScanPST say they are but ... HELP guy at his wits end with all of this & don't know where to turn.

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Dell PC, Windows 7, 64 Bit
Reply by jimbob5941 on Jan 30, 2011 7:04 AM Helpful

Read the last page of this thread and let me know if it helps... 09914#13009914

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  • TheOnlyTazman Level 1 Level 1
    I know that these sorts of syncing issues have been mentioned numerous times on here & those were the one's I was reviewing but couldn't find the same issues on any other thread

    This issue may be a mix of probs but I need to get this working asap as I've wasted too much time on it!
  • TheOnlyTazman Level 1 Level 1
    Can anyone pls help? I have tried to go thro' this forum to pick out elements that may work but I'm getting nowhere

    The tech guys @ Apple aren't willing to help & i've no recourse but to put up on this forum to hope that someone here can help.

    If you have any suggestions even links to posts on this forum which I should've chk'd pls can you direct me to them, thanks
  • TheOnlyTazman Level 1 Level 1
    Additional info - I'm not getting any error messages on iTunes. Just that it seems to take ages to sync so you think all is ok then nothing!

    Sometimes have had the "outlook sync client closed" but not all the time

    Any assistance much appreciated
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    Can anyone pls help? If I'm not following the apple forum guidelines then pls let me know or if I'm a NOOB who should know better let me know but I have to admit by now I did expect some help from anyone?

    In the past when I've had issues with my Nokia the forum community were very helpful indeed. Just felt the Apple iPhone community was the same?
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    try this?

    64-bit editions of Windows Vista or Windows 7 require the iTunes 9.0.2 64-bit installer
  • TheOnlyTazman Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks Barry, I had used the 64-bit version of iTunes

    In-fact just a little while ago I copied/pasted the pst file from my desktop pc to my laptop running vista 32-bit

    Tried syncing with that & it took ages - left it running overnight. In the morning same problem still but this time ALL the contacts trf'd over, all the notes etc... BUT NO calendar entries except for the Birthdays. They were the only entries on the iPhone.

    I'm stumped i've tried everything I can think of & I seriously do need some help this is driving me barmy! If only I hadn't sold my Nokia

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    I know I'm a noob on this forum but I did expect at least a couple of postings. All I've had is one member who gave up a few minutes of his time to help me out, it was a shame that wasn't the problem but at least he'd helped

    If someone can help can you pls let me know as this issue is causing me problems at work now & I'm seriously considering selling the iphones i have and getting a HTC (yes the dark side!) BUT I must have calendar info. Pls can someone help??
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    Are you using MS Office 2010 64-Bit Version or the 32-Bit Version?

    If you are using the 64-Bit version, uninstall, completely wipe all traces off your system, reboot, and install the 32-bit version if you want to use it to sync to your iPhone 4. The 64-Bit version is not compatible, even if you are using iTunes 64-bit.
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    Thanks cls but I'm using it on a 32 bit version of office as during install the sware stated about the comp issues with various sware if I install the 64 bit version

    I've tried syncing with my vista 32 bit machine and same issue. My contacts work, my notes work but no calendar entries just birthdays!

    Ive had issues before with iTunes and outlook and apple seem to fix them but why not now?
  • cls24 Level 2 Level 2
    You got me on this one, I am in the exact same configuration and mine works fine. I even added Mobile-Me to the picture and that made it worse, it wiped out my regular Outlook Calendar and for a while I could not save appointments with 'Alarm' but somehow I fixed that by adding a 2nd calendar and then porting everything over... but that was my issue...

    Maybe if you created a 2nd calendar and duplicate everything and try to sync with that calendar and see if works? Maybe there is an issue with that specific calendar.
  • TheOnlyTazman Level 1 Level 1
    I've got 54k entries in my calendar, never had any issues before

    Is there some easy way of porting over 1 calendar into another and not losing my settings, categories etc ...

    Creating a new pst file then importing in trfs all the entries but doesn't seem to retain my settings?

    Thanks for the info though
  • cls24 Level 2 Level 2
    In outlook 2010 you can right click on the calendar and "copy calendar" and call it something different. If that does not work, just delete that calendar.
  • TheOnlyTazman Level 1 Level 1
    How do I sync iTunes with that 2nd calendar? Did as you mentioned right click then copy the info to a new calendar. So in Outlook I now have 2 calendars.

    In itunes still showing as 1 calendar so how do i sort that out? Also I can't delete the 1st calendar (original), so will i need to keep copying each time?
  • jimbob5941 Level 1 Level 1

    Read the last page of this thread and let me know if it helps... 09914#13009914
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