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1st time poster on here but I've had it with the Apple Support call lines. Have both the 3GS and the 4 and yet they're unwilling to help my predicament & seriously I'm considering jumping boat & going over to android OS as this is a major issue for me as I left Nokia for the same reason.

I was originally running Office 2007 on my PC. With the latest version of iTunes & the latest 4.2.1 f/ware on my iPhone. Was syncing very well with the iPhone with no issues. Then all of a sudden it stopped. I only had some of the contacts being synced, some of the notes not all & only birthdays no other calendar entries.

As a result of this I went thro' these support forums & did the following:

1) re-installed the latest version of iTunes - still no luck
2) re-installed Office 2007 - still no luck
3) Purchased a new copy of Office 2010 (thinking that would sort out the probs) - still no joy
4) Did a ScanPST to chk the outlook files, Errors were found & a new file was created by the s/ware - a backup made of the old pst files
5) Checked format of Outlook file & it was a Outlook Data File - requested by the Apple tech guys!

I have been getting a Outlook Sync Client not working error & the tech guys told me this was due to the data files being in the old format - but chk'd and they were current format.

My Outlook PST file is over 4gb in size & has 50k or more calendar entries, 300+ contacts etc... I can't import 1 entry into a new file at a time.

This is driving me insane. I've purchased nearly a grand's worth of Apple Equip't and they don't work with my PC! The apple guys said go back to M'Soft - not willing to help in the slightest

I must have the calendar entries as I use it for work and its essential - my need to go back to my Palm or PPC they worked flawlessly with Outlook

Please can someone help me to get this working, how can i chk the outlook file's are now ok. ScanPST say they are but ... HELP guy at his wits end with all of this & don't know where to turn.

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Dell PC, Windows 7, 64 Bit
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