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stryker28 Level 1 Level 1
Hello... I am having problems with my ipod touch's wi-fi connection... the ip address is not the same as my computer's and was wondering how do I change the ip address on my ipod to match my computer's ip address.


dell computer, Windows 7
  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7
    Are you using DHCP rather than static IP assignment? What IP address has been assigned to your iPod? If it starts with 169 then it is self assigned and you are not being assigned an IP address by your router. A proper LAN IP address would usually start with 192.168.

    Note that each computer on a local network must have a unique IP address. No two can be the same so you cannot assigned another computer's IP address to your iPod.

    Please provide more detail about what problems you are having and how your network is configured.
  • stryker28 Level 1 Level 1
    My ipod ip address started with 698 and the one on my pc at home started with 198... I can connect to my work wi-fi but when I get home I will not be able to connect to my wi-fi on my pc. my itunes see's the ipod but the wi-fi tells me it's not connected...I'm able to play my monopoly app with not problem but with the other one: collectorz music app which allows me to export my albums over to my ipod... it doesn't see the ipod or it says ipod is not connected to the internet...
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    An IP cannot start with 698 so, presumably, you mean 169. With this self-assigned IP address you will not be able to access the internet. Do you have a WiFi router? Or are trying to use an ad hoc network with your PC? It isn't clear from your post what you are doing.

    If you are using a router try powering it down for 30 seconds and restarting it. This may clear up your problem. If that don't work look for a firmware update for your router on the manufacturer's support web site.

    Please provide some more detail on exactly what router (make/model) you have (if you have one) and what you are doing.