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I just bought a new white Macbook last week (updated to Mac OS X 10.6.6), and have been getting repeated issues with the Airport connection.


* Mac joining the wireless network fine, getting IP address etc
* Connectivity works fine for 10 - 20 minutes, then stops
* Still wireless signal, but no connectivity. Can't even access the router admin pages
* Only fix is to stop Airport and start again (click on menu). Connectivity comes back instantly

Steps taken to try to correct wireless connection dropping off:

* Changed channel on router (2, 10, 11 etc)
* Changed encryption from WPA to Wep
* Set network location on Mac
* Set fixed IP address on Mac
* Deleted some network config files and rebooted
* Erased hard drive and reinstalled 10.6.4 (same issue)
* Reset PRAM and NVRAM

Other computers on the same network don't have any issues with the same Wifi network:

* Lenovo Thinkpad
* Dell Latitude
* Acer Revo desktop
* Amazon Kindle
* Internet Radio

Could someone suggest how to fix this? It looks to me that it is a hardware fault. I have an appointment at a Genius bar on Saturday, but not sure they will be able to replace the wifi card quickly.


Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • Allie716 Level 1 (0 points)
    The same thing happens to me. Let me know what they say about yours!
  • David Sweet Level 1 (120 points)
    I had the same issue with my MacBook Air. After trying various fixes, I changed the Network Mode from mixed to wireless G mode only. Not a single lost connection since.
  • Lyssa Level 6 (17,825 points)
    Hey tomtomato & welcome to the forums.

    Have you tried using a wireless connection at a different location, like a friend's house or free wi-fi at a coffee shop? You could probably try the wireless at the Apple store as well.

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    Could you please advise on how you change the wireless mode on Mac OS to "g" only rather than mixed mode? I couldn't find such setting in the network settings. If you are talking about the router configuration, I tried "g" only (rather than "b/g") and it made no difference.
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    I've had this problem for years now. Forums are littered with thousands of complaints of this problem, and Apple seems to refuse to acknowledge it. I think this is an OS issue, and here's why: I have many machines connected to my network, and their WIRELESS connections are solid, except my two mac minis:

    HP Elitebook: booted into Linux: solid
    HP Elitebook: booted into XP: solid
    Dell Latitude: booted into XP: solid
    Sony Vaio: booted into XP: solid
    iMac G5: booted into 10.4.11: solid
    Mini G4: booted into 10.4.11: drops occasionally; every few hours
    Mini Core2Duo: booted into 10.5.8: drops about every 10min
    Mini Core2Duo: booted into Ubuntu 10.10: SOLID

    Notice the last line: the SAME MACHINE is SOLID on wireless when booted into a different OS. This is empirical evidence, no?

    Come on, someone from Apple at least RESPOND to us; at least acknowledge the issue-- it affects thousands of users and goes back YEARS. I've been loyal to Apple since I started computing, and most of the time, even though sometimes Apple has trouble acknowledging bugs, I've been able to work around them. This one's big, though. It's the worst problem I've ever had on a Mac, and seeing so many others with it really frustrates me. If anyone knows if Apple has acknowledged this issue, please point me there. As I've shown with my example above, I think we've proven this is an OS issue.
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    BTW, mine are the same symptoms as i've seen described in so many other threads:

    Airport still shows full bars (only a few feet away from my router), but no connection.

    Only fix is to turn airport off, and then back on again.
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    I am having issues with my 2006 Macbook wireless connection. Connection used to work in the bedroom but after the latest updates including some image raw updates, there is no wireless connection from the bedroom. No issues with the other Macbook Pro. All of sudden the range seemed to drop with the updates. Works fine in the next room to the router
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    Macbook (late 2010) OS 10.6.6. Drop 802.11g or 802.11n (TimeCapsule) usually within 5 minutes of stopping using it. i.e. When you come back, the network is gone.
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    Mine has done it frequently. Only the last few weeks--perhaps when I updated to the 10.6.6. Before then, never had an issue but it drops out 5-6 times a day. Only solution is turn Airport OFF then ON. My network still shows full strength but the MacBook disconnects. If I select my network specifically it asks me to put in the password! This is VERY frustrating and seems to be a common problem. I have the newest/latest AT&T U-Verse router so it's not that...I guess I need to take it to a hotspot and see if it dupes the problem. Any other suggestions?!
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    My wife has this issue too with her 2006 Macbook. Never manifested itself until upgrade to 10.6.5 and the problem has persisted with the 10.6.6 update.

    She can connect but the connection drops after 10 minutes or so. Only solution is actually a restart.

    Network Diagnostics can see the wireless network ( and I can use it on my MBPro ), but it cannot connect to it. Would love some ideas here. Seems a lot of others are experiencing the same issue.
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    Well, I posted about this a few months ago too... I'd actually forgotten.

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    I was having this issue.


    Go to Network Preferences - ADVANCED


    'CHECK' the...


    Require administrator password to :


     Turn Airport Off and On