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We upgraded from Leopard server to Snow Leopard several months ago. After doing the Apple-recommended procedure to upgrade, we decided that the server (used primarily for Mail) was too unstable, and did a full installation from scratch.

The Leopard mail server was called "myserver.companyname.com".

When we decided to rebuild, we also decided to change the name of the mail server to "newserver.companyname.com".

We've not seen any problems with mail, but I notice that IMAP mail folders stored on client computers still show "user@myserver.companyname.com" instead of the new server name?

This even occurs if all the client mail is deleted and the IMAP mail is allowed to rebuild itself from the Snow Leopard IMAP server.

Is this is problem? Is there a way to fix it? Where is the "holdover" name coming from?

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