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Hi there,

Not sure if anybody can shed any light on this.

Previously before the last 2 updates I was able to connect my iphone 3g to my car CD stereo via a 3.5mm cable, and by doing this I was able to take calls hands free through the car stereo. However since the last 2 updates I am not able to do this any longer. I get sound of the call through the car stereo, but however the person on the other end of the phone is unable to hear me, but I can hear them. Does anybody know whether the last update has meant the mic is disabled when a 3.5mm jack is inserted??

3G, iOS 4
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    It's never worked for me regardless of what version of the firmware I have.
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    After my iPhone3GS was  upgraded to iOS6 I was unable to get the sound of voice calls on my car stereo which is connected via cable to the iPhone using a 3.5 mm jack. Surprisingly the iPod music function worked fine.


    I then tested the iPhone with headphone and the same problem occured when I tried to make  calls, no sound, but when I selected the play music option up popped the choice of headphones or AppleTV. I selected headphones, and then tried to make a call. It would seem that the upgrade set some AppleTV default. Having unselected Apple TV my problem appears to have been solved. The headphones and car stereo now work for phone calls and music output.