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I use iStat Menus to keep an eye on things like drive space and processor performance. Anyway, there are two volumes that it shows in the Disk Usage section called Boot OSX. I've never seen these before and I was just wondering if it's normal. I guess the thing that concerns me the most is that there's two of these volumes. Are there supposed to be two? I wasn't sure so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Here's a screen shot of what I'm talking about:


Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from someone soon.



Mac Pro 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon "Nehalem" (Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.6.4), 12GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM
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    This is not the help forum for iStat Menus. Contact the developer for help with this issue.
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    Hi Kappy,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm not asking for help with iStat Menus. I'm asking about the Boot OSX volume in Snow Leopard. I only mentioned iStat Menus because that's the place that I saw these volumes. I've never seen them before in the Finder or any other place for that matter. I just want to know if these volumes are normal in Snow Leopard or not.
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    Obviously the list is incorrect, so the problem is with iStatMenus, not OS X, unless you have another volume with the same name mounted at this time.
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    No I don't have another volume with the same name. That's why I thought it was strange. I'll contact Bjango and let them know. Thanks for your help.
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    When you're booting your Mac, hold down the Option (Alt) key and see what drives appear as bootable.


    I found your topic searching for an answer to the problem I see where I see the same drive name listed twice in this boot drive selector on my 10.5.8 MBP.  One is bootable, the other is not, but is getting in the way of my upgrade to Snow Leopard (10.6).