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I call people on my iPhone, running the latest OS update, and they can't hear me but I can hear them fine. I also have at least 3 bars. Sometimes all 5. Any idea what's up? I went into AT&T and they said it may be the TTY or something but it wasn't...

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    I have iPhone4 and when I receive a call from a blocked phone (that is a phone that does not reveal it's ID), the volume is very low and can't be adjusted. The other end can hear me fine. So possibly your problem is your ID is blocked by ATT so that people you call can't hear you due to low volume.
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    I'm having the exact same problem. It even spread to the mic on my Apple supplied headphones/mic.
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    I too, am having the same problem. It seems to have started since the recent software update. Can anyone offer a solution? ...buying a new phone is not an option!
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    This issue just started for me yesterday. I updated my phone sometime last week and it was working fine, until yesterday. I did the shut-down, complete restore, even deleted some recently added apps (thinking that was the problem). It worked for a brief moment, but then continued on with the issue. I am so frustrated. I am taking my phone to the apple store today, hopefully it can be taken care of.
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    I am experiencing the exact same problem. People can't hear me but I can hear them just fine. The type of recipient phone (cellphone/another iphone/landline) doesn't matter. The type of phone used to call me (from cellphone/another iphone/landline) also exhibit the same issue. People just can't hear me.

    There is a workaround solution: switch to "speaker" mode during the call. Then people can hear me. Still, I really would appreciate help on this problem. Thanks.

    I have iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3 installed. This problem actually started some time ago, when my iPhone had iOS 4.2 installed.
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    This is my first problem with my iphone 4. I am unsure how to deal with problems with the iphone....go into Apple Store or phone apple support? If i do a reset, will I get everything back onto phone since last back up? I do believe this problem only started happening since I did my first upgrade on the weekend.
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    I'm having same problem also. This is after I had my phone replaced due to WiFi issue. I went to Apple store yesterday and they confirmed it was a problem, and told me to go home and restore then back up, and if that didn't work restore as a new phone (meaning I have to start from scratch). Neither worked so I am going back to apple store. They didn't think it was a hardware issue since speaker works on other applications or with face time (using WiFi). They claimed that they have never seen this before.
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    Same problem as everyone else. I also have a micro cell with 5 bars but people claim there is a lot of static on the line but I can hear them perfectly. Any way to reverse the update I performed earlier this week? Working well before then.
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    My button was sticking, so I replaced my iphone yesterday. Same issues started occurring immediately. It was most of the time but not all the time. Didn't matter if I initiated the call or it was incoming. I even occurred in the middle of 2 conversations. I could hear others, they could not hear me. Didn't matter if it was on speaker, headset or normal use. However HeyTell and FaceTime were working. Found another discussion thread which was helpful in regards to the SIM card. Here is the link. Hope this resolves everyones issues. I took my SIM out and put it back in and I'm hoping it permanently resolves issue. If not I am going to replace the SIM card. So far so good. http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2678485&tstart=60