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One of the programs I purchased from the Mac App Store yesterday isn't running (all other apps I've purchased work fine). I wrote to Mac App Store support as well as to support from the developer, and am awaiting a response.

In the meantime, I thought I would do the logical thing and delete the app and try reinstalling according to the Mac App Store help instructions. So I deleted the original app file from my Applications folder, ran the Mac App Store application, and went to my purchases tab. I clicked the install button next to the problem app, and entered my Apple ID information, just as the article said I would need to. However, at that point, it was asking me to verify my credit card information for my "purchase". The help article said nothing about requiring my payment information on reinstalls of previous purchases. Now, in itself, I have no problem providing my purchase info as long as it DOES NOT charge me again for a program I already paid for yesterday (and incidentally does not run). Is seeing the payment information request normal during the reinstall process? It is just asking for my three digit security code on the back of my CC, as the rest of the CC info is already on file (it does ask for this code every so often when I first purchase an item, and sometimes it does not). I just want to make sure I'm not charged again.


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    You should not be charged again, assuming you're signed into the Mac App Store using the same account under which you purchased the app initially. Due to recent security issues and identify theft (mostly due to phishing scams), the iTunes/Mac App Store seems to be requiring more frequent verification of credit card information when a card is registered in your account, even though you're re-downloading a previous purchase. Just go through the verification process and you should be fine.

    Should by some error you find that you are charged twice, You can contact Mac App Store Customer Service and let them know about the problem and they should issue a refund.

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    Thanks for your reply. I did try re-downloading the program after deleting the original, and then checked my purchase invoices (history) as listed in iTunes. Indeed you are correct. Next to the problem app is the price of "Free", so I was not charged again for re-downloading the app I had already paid for. Thanks again for your help!

    Now the next problem to tackle is getting this new purchase to run properly (which it still does not), but that's an entirely different issue.