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I have had my Iphone for few years now and was quite happy with it.
But just starting last week I am having trouble with its battery. It runs out of charge rapidly within a few hours. THis happens without me touching it.
Its not like I am speaking on the phone or listening to music or recording with its camera.
This started to happen almost suddenly for no reason. I was running IOS 4.1 and I even tried upgrading to 4.2 and no change. I have noticed few other ppl are having raised similar issue in this forum.
Could this happen by downloading certain apps ? I had downloaded just 2 free apps one from my band other from VISA the day this started occurring. Can Apps deplete battery ?

What do I do and where do I go to fix this ? Its urgent. Please HELP me.

dell laptop, Windows 7, iphone 3G
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    Apps might cause increased battery usage. It might help if you stated what those Apps were.
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    My iPhone's battery was draining quickly for a few days, but the issue has resolved itself.

    The issue may be a certain app not closing properly, among other things.

    Have you restarted your phone recently? If possible, restart the phone and don't open any applications for a while. Do you still see increased battery drain?

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    The Apps I installed are "TD Bank" , "VISA" and "SpendingLite".

    Lyssa, Yes I have restarted my phone. Did a few times when i was upgrading to 4.2 and it rebooted and synched several times.

    Should I try by uninstalling the above mentioned apps ?
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    It would certainly be worth trying to see if removing them helps. You can always redownload them again for free.

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    I just checked none of those apps had location settings so assuming they are not active in some way when I am not running them. So I am not sure how they could affect my battery.
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    Both my husbands and my phone are having problems with the batteries. They are draining in several hours. I have restarted and I don't use many apps. I don't know what to do now.
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    Ok I did remove those apps. It had no effect. A weird thing happened last night. I had my cell phone in the pocket of my jacket and it was there all night and I noticed that the battery remained 100%. Today as soon as i removed it and kept it outside it drained itself in about 3 hours.

    Does it mean that the draining is happening because of the wifi or 3g signal or could there be some conflict with other devices like say my laptop or wireless mouse etc ?
    Its bizarre. Please help.
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    Another thing to try is to put the phone in Airplane Mode and see if the battery still drains oddly. You can also try turning off just Wi-Fi or Cellular Data/3G to see if deactivating either of those helps.

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    ok let me try that today. thank you.
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    I had the same trouble with my 3gs and contacted the apple store who asked me to take it in for a checkup. I had recently update my software but that was not the problem. The apple store checked my phone and found it was the FIRMWARE that was causing the problem. It was fixed within 10 minutes of them having the phone. You will have to contact your nearest Apple store and make an apointment.
    But before you take it in make sure that you do a backup.because they have to restore it to the original state before they start. Best wishes
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    Ah thank you echosmitrh.

    Lyssa, I tried the airplane mode. I did notice that the battery did not drain when I was in airplane mode but i cannot tell. I turned off wifi and left 3g on but that did not have much effect. The baterry did drain at same rapid rate.
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    The real culprit was push notifications. I turned it off and now my battery is back in business and in fact lasts over 24 hrs.
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    i dont fell like reading all those reply so ill just tell u the answer haha! ok possible you could have apps running in the background few ways of fixing this in the apps like safari if u have a page open and click home button it will stay open for quick access back to the page and can cause battery to die same thing with other apps like ipod camera photos maps pretty much all of the ones preinstalled and also some third party apps what u can do is open the apps hold the power button till u see slide to power off or whatever and the let go of power and hold down home button at that screen for a few seconds the light going across the letters will continue to do so then all the sudden it will freeze u can then let go of home or continue to hold it doesnt matter but it will go back to the home screen and this will cause the app to be forcefully closed and will not drain battery also another point is that if you have had your Iphone for quite some time like me the battery naturally just becomes crap after so many charges happens to everything with batteries and if your still covered under apple care plan or whtever u can have it replaced for free if not u can have them do it for a fee or maybe find someone local to do it cheaper but be warned doing it not thro apple will void any warranty and apple will not fix anything for free ever again on that Iphone but hey if your already out of warranty and trust the person who will help you out cheaper then its up to you hope this helps!!
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    Did anyone just get the battery changed at a local Apple store? Worked for me!