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I have been using iCal for a year or two, and I use it as a stand alone (ie no synchronisation with any web based calendars, although I do synchronise with my iPhone). It may be coincidence but since I (recently) upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard, I cannot delete events from iCal. I have tried edit>delete, delete key and dragging to Trash but all that happens is that the event disappears for about 5 seconds and then reappears. If I modify an event (eg change the timing or move it to another date) it creates the new event but keeps the old one and I cannot delete either of them. I am just an averagely competent user, and I could do with some advice please.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • Keelguy Level 1 Level 1
    I have the exact same issue -- just upgraded to SnowLeopard, and cannot delete events. In addition, old events deleted months ago have now appeared, as have old Notes delete months ago. Will be watching this space hoping for an answer!
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    I have tried everything over the last two months to fix this problem...it started after I upgraded to Snow Leopard. However, this is the fix that worked.
    It immediately eliminated all the dupes. Not sure it fixed the original problem but at least my calendar is not populated with all the dupes.
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    Disregard the above recommendation...the dupes all came back...what is wront with iCal????
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    After reading several other similar threads, here is what I tried and it seems to be working (fingers crossed it continues to work...).

    I launched iSync (Finder -> Applications-> iSync), went into preferences, unchecked "Enable syncing on this computer", and clicked "reset sync history". I then did a full shut down/reboot, and launched iCal. I was able to delete entries without them coming back. I launched iSync again, checked "enable syncing", and then synced my iPhone3GS with iTunes. It took the deleted entries. However, I still had some entries that were in my phone but not in my Calendar. So I went to the drastic step of ensuring iCal was as I wanted it to be, and then in iTunes checked "replace calendar on Phone". That fixed it. Hopefully it will stick!

    I still have issues getting Notes to sync properly though...
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    Thanks Keelguy. I have tried following your suggestion and it worked until I synchronised with the iPhone then it reverted to its old ways. So I am going to try your "drastic" step - where do I find "replace calendar on phone" in iTunes, I can't seem to find it?
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    In iTunes on your phone settings -- click "info", which displays the check boxes for syncing your address book, calendar etc, scroll to the bottom. At the end there is a section titled "Advanced". Check the appropriate boxes within there. Also - if you use MobileMe, then general advice seems to be to never sync your iPhone with iTunes, just sync with MobileMe.
  • Steeler2 Level 1 Level 1
    I've tried all that and it seemed to work at first, but now the problem has returned. What a pain!
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    I noticed iCal wouldn't let me manually delete events after I bought and started syncing my iPhone. So what I did was deleted the event on the phone and then re-synced it in iTunes. After that the events disappeared in iCal and so far haven't come back.
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    I had a similar problem. In my case there were several repeating events that would not let me delete individual occurrences - they would just reappear. I tried rebooting, deleting the iCal pList file and deleting the same events from my iPod Touch and resyncing but nothing worked. Finally i deleted all future occurrences (after today) and added them back and synced with the iPod Touch. So far that seems to have worked. This may be of help to someone.

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    I cannot get rid of my future repeating events.  Deleted the calendar which also deleted the corresponding email which was frustrating, but now have the "ghost" events still showing up even though calendar is gone!! Why cant this be fixed?? How do I get this to stop??