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Mhemy Level 1 Level 1
I have 2 issues with airplay:
1. I don't always see the airplay icon. I have not found anything consistent to get it. I check my apple tv settings. It is on, airplay is on, the network settings are correct. I turn off and devices, I turn on and off airplay and sometimes the icon comes back.

2. If I am lucky enough to have the icon, then when I select apple tv, I get the sound but no picture. I have searched google and this forum and I do have the latest software 4.1.1 for my apple tv and 4.2.1 for my iPad. I have not found anything else.

Please help.

Ipad, iOS 4
  • Alley_Cat Level 6 Level 6
    I assume you are talking about the icon on an iPad.

    Not all apps have Airplay functionality, more will with time.

    If it's the same app sometimes showing icon, sometimes not I would suspect transient network issues losing the connection between the devices. Some of Apple's device seem a bit slow to re-establish connections if they're lost or stubbonly refuse to reconnect - occasionally this can be down to a user's network or the device at either end losing connection even if the iPad remains connected.

    There may of course be some software bugs at play.
  • Mac on Andy Level 3 Level 3
    Some apps on the iPad can't send video as well as audio - You Tube being one. So if you're watching a YouTube video on your iPad and you use the AirPlay button to send to your Apple TV only the audio will work at the moment. Anything you have from iTunes should send to the Apple TV fine, e.g. iTunes movies, movie rentals, TV programmes, music, audiobooks, podcasts.
  • vazandrew Level 6 Level 6
    Apple TV
    That's not correct. Youtube is currently supported (on top of the native music/video player).
  • Mhemy Level 1 Level 1
    I am talking about the icon.
    Even in the photos app, sometimes the icon does not show up. I assume it is related to network connectivity and detection of devices.
    Is there any way to improve connectivity? to make it remember devices? Maybe assigning a static IP to the apple TV?

    Regarding video, I have a few apps that stream video content. When the icon shows up, and I click it- I only get audio on apple TV. On the iPad, it does look like it is using Apple's native video player. Is there any way to check if the app supports video also over AirPlay?
  • Mac on Andy Level 3 Level 3
    My apologies if that's not correct - that now means my iPad isn't working correctly as video will not AirPlay from YouTube app for me! LOL o well!
  • RoryMac Level 3 Level 3
    Have you updated to the last version of iOS on both the iPad and the AppleTV?
  • vazandrew Level 6 Level 6
    Apple TV
    Video is only supported on Youtube and the native player. After the next update tools will be given to developers but it will be up to each individual as to who implements it.