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My set up consists of a Time Machine for wireless expansion of an existing network and wireless backup. I have run in to absolutely no issues with the Time Machine as a wireless connection.

I have a pre-Unibody Macbook Pro that has the battery/HDD access door that is currently running 10.6.6 and a 24" pre-16:9 Widescreen iMac that is running 10.6.6 as well and both connected to the Time Machine's wireless network perfectly fine.

However recently my iMac will connect to the wireless network that my Time Machine outputs as well as the one it extends but it will not access the internet through the wireless connection. I have checked in the system profiler and it lists the Airport card still active and working but the internet is not accessible through it.

I unplugged the ethernet cable from the Time Machine and plugged it in to the ethernet port on the iMac and it connected to the internet just fine.

This is an isolated issue with the iMac alone. My iPhone 4, Macbook Pro and iPad all connect fine to the network, as does another iPhone in the house and an older Black MacBook, and an iPhone 3G.

I've tried restarting the iMac, shutting it down and booting it up again and even to renew DHCP License and change the IP address the computer uses but nothing's worked so far.

Any suggestions?

Mac OS X (10.6.6)