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I want to buy a TV show season (Flapjack season 3), instead of showing "buy season", it shows "buy season pass".

What does it mean??

Thank you.

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    You would get the Season Pass option for the current season. You will get each episode as it is released. You would buy a season if the entire season had already been released.
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    So when the last episode gets released, I will have to buy it separately?
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    No. Buying a season pass get a you all the episodes from that season as they are released.
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    Thank you
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    Be careful buying a Season Pass it is not clear what iTunes definition of a season is.  I checked the AMC website and they call the last episodes of Breaking Bad the last part of Season 5.  But Apple - iTunes has renamed it to the "Final Season" and will not include it in their season 5 pass.  If they do not follow the TV Shows own network guidelines for what a season is how do you know what you are buying when you buy a "Season Pass"?

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    But how do you know what episodes iTunes will include in the season.  Remember when Season 5 of Breaking Bad took a break, iTunes called the last episodes of Season 5  a new season, even though AMC called it the remaining episodes of Season 5.

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    iTunes store said it is not their fault.  Their logic is sound and the pricing makes sense. The original price for season 5 obviously could not have been for 16 episodes. But I still think they should have warned Season 5 buyers that the pricing was just for the 1st eight episodes and if AMC released more it would not be included. 


    iTunes paraphrased response to me:

    Boris, The iTunes Store is simply a store front for the developer's products - we only sell the "license" of that product, whereas the content itself is provided, labeled and troubleshot through the developer themselves. That being said, in regards to this split season issue of "Breaking Bad Season 5" and "Breaking Bad The Final Season" I would strongly suggest contacting AMC using the link below to bring this to their attention.



    Not sure how iTunes can let AMC get away with labeling the last eight episodes as "the final season" in the iTunes store, but label it as the rest of Season 5 on the AMC Website?