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Hi all I am pretty new to the Mac OS and I am having the following problem. When I turn on my Mac a white screen with the apple appears with a loading circle. It stays like that for hours and nothing happens.

I have read on other forums to insert the install CD but I have a CD already inside the Mac which I cannot take out. I have also read that a solution would be to connect two Macs through a firewire but unfortunately I do not have a second Mac. What should I do?

Thanks in advance
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    Hello Matija,

    try to boot your Mac while hold down the "Shift" Key. The key to write uppercase Letters. You can release the Key if you see the spinnig wheel and the Apple logo. This invoke your Mac to boot up in "Safe Mode". That means the OS try to load only necessary modules. The Boot process need up to 10 Minutes please be patient. If that works you see the login window with "Safe Mode" labeled.

    To remove any CD, press the mouse button while your Mac boot. If that wont work, press the CD eject button at the same time.

    If your Mac wont boot properly anymore, press the Apple Key (Option Key), the key left side from the space bar, and "v" simultaneously. Then you see some strange output.

    Please post the last few lines, or try the OS repair you mentioned in your post, with the install disk


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    I've tried using the Shift Key, a loading line appears on the screen together with the apple logo and the spinwheel. When it fills up it dissapears and the logo and the spinwheel stay. Kept it for 30min and nothing happened.

    Tried using the install CD and at the same screen the CD just gets ejected.

    Here is what appeared while holding Apple Key+V: (just the last few lines)

    ** Device in slot:SLOT--1 **
    Airport_AthrFusion21: Ethernet address
    I080211Controller::dataLinkLayerAttachComplete():addling AppleEFINVRAMnotification
    Airport:LinkDown on en1.Reason1(unspecified)
    set WOW_PARAREMETERS:wowevents=2(1)
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    I have the same problem as Mejita, when I turn on the laptop it would go to the grey-white screen with the logo (showing that it was starting up)then be stuck on the blue screen with no further action. So, I did as you said and while starting back up, press the shift key for abit and viola' it went to the login screen with the red highlight saying "Safe Boot". But for some reason, after entering in my login name and password, it shows that it has accepted the login info, stay idle on the default screen (like it is logging in) and then go back to the login screen again, prompting me to type in my info again... I know I have the right login info but...??
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    Hi there,

    I have the same problem and i have tryed everything and nothing happens at all it just turns off after a while because the battery needs to be charged again. I need serious help because this computer is for my work and i need it soon.

    Ive even tryed pressing the off button+control+option+P+R keys.