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My iHome has worked with my iPod Touch for awhile now, but it just stopped being able to play songs. Normally, the local volume controls in the music app will disappear when I plug it into the iHome. This no longer happens. This made me think that it might be a problem with one of the connectors (on the iHome or on the iPod), but then I noticed that the iPod was still charging, even though the music wouldn't play through the iHome. The music would still play, however, through the local speakers on the iPod. I tried another iPod on the iHome and it played just fine, so i figured the iPod must be the problem. But then I plugged my iPod into the computer and it synced just fine. I'm stumped.

iPod Touch 3G, iOS 4, (iOS 4.1)
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    Have you tried the usual suggestions when you have issues with an iPod?

    Read this and try the solutions:

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    I started having the same problem about a week ago (and of course my warranty just expired) and have been trying to figure it out. The hardware troubleshooting doesn't quite address this problem -- it's an issue with the USB connection that only affects the sound. I don't have an iHome, but I have a few different devices that I have been able to plug into through the USB, and suddenly none of them work for playing music (though I can still connect and charge). Sound plays through the iPod speakers (headphone jack works). Very frustrating -- just got a new stereo that I was looking forward to using my iPod with, and only got to use that a few times before this issue came up. Any ideas yet on this?
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    This happened to mine just a few days ago. My itouch used to play on my ihome just fine but the exact same thing.. no sound but still charges. Anyone figured out how to fix this?
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    I restarted my itouch while it was connected to my ihome and when i turned it back on it worked. I'm sure it is just a temporary solution but it is working. I also read that unplugging the ihome for a little while can help.
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    Hi, I had this EXACT same problem! Like turtlepower4 said, I also restarted my iTouch when it was connected to my iHome, & when I turned it on it worked. Try it, & see if it works. If it doesn't, you may want to get it checked out or something.