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I want to run OS 9 Native and OS X.5 Leopard on my PowerBook G4 - 867 MHz, 1.12 Gb ram, 80 Gb hard drive (Thresher).

Leopard doesn't support classic so I must install OS 9 to boot native.

I need OS 9 to run my Apple Printer Utility so I can print using my Snow Leopard machines on my Apple 12/640 LaserPrinter. Snow Leopard drops AppleTalk so I need to set the IP address on the printer. I also want to run QuarkXpress 5.

I tried OS 9.0.4 retail and OS 9.2.1 retail disks but cannot get the disks to boot on the G4. I tried a pram reset ... twice. I tried to start up holding down the C key. The OS 9 disks do not show up in the Startup menu, but do mount on the desk top.

My check on Apple History lists the minimum os for this PowerBook as 10.2.3 ...

I have a two disk install set for the PowerBook G4. Now I'm thinking my options are to install 10.4 with OS 9 Classic and also Leopard in one partition.

How do you downgrade OS 9 native on a G4 PowerBook?

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    The bottom line is a Mac will only boot to its original system version or whatever is higher and supported. You can run Classic inside of Tiger, but you can't boot to OS9 natively. To do Classic you will need to install it using your original discs.

    More information about your computer at: [http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/powerbookg4/stats/powerbook_g4_86712.html] In particular read the section on MacOS9 support.
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    what is the best practise?

    Should I partition the hard drive to have tiger (with clasic) and leopard separate?
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    If you want Classic you will have to have Tiger.

    I had a similar question recently on another board where I was asking about having Leopard, Tiger, and OS9 native. Things to bear in mind:

    You can't have two OSX versions on the same volume. Leopard and Tiger will have to be on different volumes. Either different drives or different partitions on one drive.

    Using two versions of OSX will introduce complications due to permissions on files. If you have one account in Tiger and another in Leopard you may find it difficult to gain access to files in one account while in the other. One way around is to have a third volume with just data and set ignore ownership on that volume. Keep files you need to share between the two on that volume. Obviously this starts getting a bit messy, with 3 volumes, and in my case split across 2 drives.
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    I'm thinking now I'll just use OS X.4 Tiger (with classic) and forget about Leopard.


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    I give up, no elegant solution.
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    If you want OS 9, Get a G3 Pismo.. they will allow you to install just OS 9, as thats the extent of how useful they are.. I have a G4 upgraded Pismo and it works rather well, esp for OS 9. Even with the G4 550 upgrade, Tiger is still very slow due to the 8MB video memory.
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    I'm on that . I pulled down the Lombards I have left in various conditions and find one that works and will put it together for this job. I do have a 500 MHz Pismo but it has a bad processor.
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    Are you interested in a G3 500 pismo? I might have an extra one.
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    Thanks but I'm thinking I might use my Clamshell for this job. I have like 5 G3 bronze keyboards here I need to put together before I buy anything else. What do you want for it, plus shipping?Ken
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    Ken, email me if you are interested.. apparently apple mods removed the post I sent to you.. You can find my email in my profiler.