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I need to know what is the best way to sync an Iphone4 to a new mac that also had my Ipad sync with. The laptop that was the primary computer died and I want to make my new mac the primary. How do I do that without losing all of my media, apps etc. on my phone. Thanks in advance...

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    The iphone will sync with one computer. If you sync to another, then it will erase the content from the iphone and replace with content from the new computer.

    You need to move everything from your backup copy of your old computer to the new one.

    The Apple Store will do this for you, or you can call apple Support and they will help.
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    Open up iTunes on your Mac
    Authorize the Mac with all of your apple store IDs
    Plug iPhone into Mac
    You should get a pop up window asking to erase and sync or to transfer purchases.
    Select transfer purchases.
    Do this with your iPad aswell
    You should now have all of your purchased items and if you are lucky all of your other songs as well.

    Resync your iPhone now with iTunes and select erase and sync to sync your iPhone with your Mac and it should now sync all of your transfer purchases back to your iPhone.

    Good luck


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    Log-in in to your iTunes account on your new Mac and then sync as normal. You'll be asked if you want to copy stuff from your iPhone to Mac (which you probably want to do) and then you should be able to continue as normal. Remember to authorize your new Mac with your iTunes account as well.
    Besides there is a step by step instruction on [how to transfer or backup iPhone contents to Mac|http://www.softwarebbs.com/wiki/Howto_backup_iPhone_toMac].
    Hope it can do you a favor.
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    I have moved my iPhone back and forth between two different Macs several times without losing anything.I did not use the Restore, I simply copied my entire ITunes folder from one Mac to the other and ran a sync. I get a message that the phone is synced to another computer so I tell it to sync to the new one.
    Then I have to go into iTunes and tell it to sync all the local data (Address Book, Calendar, etc).
    If you have a disaster, you can restore the PC to the state it was in before you attempted the transfer.
    Bebides there is a step by step instruction on How to transfer or backup iPhone contents to Mac.Hope it can do you a favor.
    The contacts should be in the Address Book app on your Mac
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    I have the same question, thank you guys to share your experience.
    Hopefully this works for all of you like it just worked for me!