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I was trying to add a password and something changed. I cannot reset my airport express as instructed for the hard reset. It does not work and therefore is not found in airport utility. Please anyone have an idea what to do?

imac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Welcome to the discussions, tahoelady!

    To "hard reset" the AirPort Express, make sure it has been powered on a few minutes.
    Hold in the reset button until you see the amber light begin to blink more quickly
    Keep holding the reset button in when this occurs for 4-5 more seconds
    Release the reset button

    Give the Express 40-45 seconds to restart and wait until the amber light is blinking slowly
    At this point, the Express is broadcasting a default network with a name like +Apple Network xxxxxx+
    Click the fan shaped AirPort icon at the top of your screen and then click Join Other Network
    Click Show Networks
    Log on to the +Apple Network xxxxxx+ so that AirPort Utility can communicated with the AirPort Express
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    Thank you so much. The directions online are wrong. They don't say to have it plugged in for the 3-4 minutes. But your method worked and I appreciate it. Now, how do you add a password for the wifi? This is what got me in trouble in the first place.

    Thanks again
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    The directions online are wrong.

    Can you provide a link for the instructions so we can follow up?

    Now, how do you add a password for the wifi?

    Open AirPort Utility - Click Manual Setup
    Click the Wireless tab located just under the row of icons
    You'll see the settings for the wireless network there
    Enter your new password
    Confirm the password

    Click Update and wait for the Experss to restart in 40-45 seconds
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    http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3728. This is the link I was following about the reset. The hard reset doesn't say to have it powered up before pushing the reset button. And the factory reset doesn't say to do it either.
    It may have been implied but I am a novice and it wasn't clear.

    Thanks for the info on the password.

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    Thanks for posting back. I can see how the confusion could occur regarding the reset.

    Unless specifically instructed otherwise, it is always a good idea to have any device up and running for a few moments to let it stabilize before you attempt to make any resets or configuration changes.
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    Just wanted to say that this


    saved my sanity.

    This should be placed right up at the top of all discussions on airport express.

    The key is starting with the triple "hot" reset and then following your instructions