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decsr Level 1 Level 1
Where can I find a list of wireless printers that are compatible with the Apple iPad.

I saw the Kodak 650 - not sure if that is compatible. Although I am a Canon Printer Fan

imac A1225, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    I found this by typing in 'airprint compatible printers' into this new thing called Google!
  • rbii Level 2 Level 2
    Here's the complete list:
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    That's the same list as I linked to except for a European printer that's not relevant to the OP.
  • decsr Level 1 Level 1
    Is this list saying that only HP printers work with the iPad. I thought that any wireless printer would work. I am not a fan of HP printers ... am I stuck with HP for my iPad?
  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    Until other manufacturers develop Airprint compatible printers, then yes you are 'stuck' with HP.
    However, there are 3rd party apps that work with other wireless printers, e.g. Printcentral, and there are solutions that work with any printers as long as your PC or Mac is switched on.
    For the moment, HP is the best route on the iPad. I bought a new B110 for £37 and it works superbly with the iPad.
  • ScooterT Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Forum Friends...

    I just purchased an HP Photosmart Plus B210 which the sales rep at Best Buy told me was an absolute gem when it comes to working with Air Print. I just got it all set up, and I cannot get my iPad to see it on my wireless network. My iPad says, "No printers found".

    I am able to print to it using HPs ePrint solution no problem, so I know that the printer is on the network and working. It's weird.

    Then I noticed that the HP B210 is not on the list of printers from Apple, instead the one that is is the HP B210a. Is there a difference between these two printers? If so, I'm going back to Best Buy ASAP.

    Does anybody know what's going on?

    Thanks for your help!
  • deggie Level 9 Level 9
    Here is a search on B210:

    Read through them. Your printer is compatible by have you updated the firmware on it yet?
  • Fred*M. Level 4 Level 4

    The small letter "a" is dependent on the store where you bought it, and probably has no bearing on your problem.

    If your B210 has access to the internet, you should be able to verify whether or not it has the latest firmware. The check for update is buried in one of the menus. If it is up-to-date, the remaining possibility is that your WiFi router does not pass Bonjour data required for the iPad to find the printer.

  • igmackenzie Level 4 Level 4
    Fred*M. wrote:
    The small letter "a" is dependent on the store where you bought it, and probably has no bearing on your problem.

    I know what you mean, but I don't think you're right in this case. HP use the 'a' on their web site.
    Look at 1H
    Still, the B210 should work OK.
  • Zarraza Level 1 Level 1

    i'm sure that little a stands for something.

    if yo look up printers like the laserjet 4250 you will see a 4250, 4250N (n stands for network interface) and i believe there is a 4250TN the TN is Network interface and extra "add on paper tray" - and just a hunch, but "a" could stand for AIRPRINT ??????

  • David K. Level 1 Level 1

    This list may need to be updated. I have a Canon Pixma MP990. Just for the heck of it, I tried Airprint from my iPad, and it saw my printer, and I was able to print a document! All of my prior attempts during the past few months had failed. It also works on my iPhone 4. I wonder for how long I would have been able to do this? I haven't done any recent firmware updates for my printer.

  • kostby Level 4 Level 4

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.


    If you're comfortable going 'under the hood', this thread originally started in November 2010 contains a minor tweak to OS X 10.6.5 or higher that might work for you:


    It allows devices on iOS 4.2 or newer to print to shared wired and wireless printers as long as the Mac is on and awake.


    I'm using it to print to a shared wireless Canon MP 560, and a USB-connected HP LaserJet 1320.


    And there are a number of paid apps.

  • kendrajh Level 1 Level 1

    I would like a list that is sorted by cost, preferably least to most.  Small business, want quality, don't want to spend more than is necessary.

  • Fred*M. Level 4 Level 4



    Perhaps you can find a list by price at HP's website.


    For small business applications, I think the LaserJet models would be best.  The one with the largest toner cartridges should be the most economical on a per-print basis, although its purchase price would be the highest.



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