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Hello all,

I was on my computer today, and I was accessing a very important video for my online school. It was supposedly a .wmv file. Before you say to try third-party QuickTime Player plug-ins, I want to say that I have the most recent version of Flip4Mac and DivX installed on my computer. They aren't seeming to be working.

What I Did:
1. Opened the file link in the online school. (Note: It's a website, not a program.)
2. It opened QuickTime.
3. QuickTime popped up with the same error 10 or more times, saying, "The movie "XXXXX.wmv"can't be opened." In smaller text it reads, "You may need to install additional software to open this type of file." (Word for word)
4. I tried adjusting Flip4Mac settings, and all configurations I tried didn't seem to work. I definitely didn't try all options though.
5. It was then I downloaded and installed DivX; it made no difference.
6. I contacted my school tech support, and they couldn't resolve it either.


By default for my school, I use the most recent version of Firefox. (Not the Beta) I tried Safari, and it actually had a player in the browser where the video should be, but it was without video and sound.

Ok, I don't think I missed anything. If you need to know more, just let me know. I need this resolved ASAP, so if you need any more details, don't be afraid to ask. Thank you for your time!


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