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iTunes 84 bit on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

I( have a set of MP3 files which make up an audiobook. They are all in their own folder. In iTunes I import the folder, find the individual tracks under Music, highlight them all, right-click and on the Options tab set media kind Audiobook, part of a compilation Yes, remember position Yes, Skip when shuffling Yes, part of a gapless album Yes, and click OK.

When I click on Books in the left-hand pane I see the book cover. If I right-click on the book cover and pick Get Info, Options tab I see that the media kind is Music. If I change it to Audiobook and click OK and check the setting, it remains set as Music.

If I look at Books in list view the individual files are media kind Audiobook.

When I click on my Touch in the left-hand pane and select Books I am informed that there are no books. Of course it doesn't get synced to my Touch.

Running Itunes as administrator makes no difference.

How can I convince iTunes that my audiobook is an audiobook?

Windows 7