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I updated to the new Itunes last night, and ever since then my iPhone 4 will start to sync and then a message in Itunes appears saying that the iphone couldnt be sync because of a missing file. Anyone else having this sort of problem, and is there any suggestions u could make to try and get it to sync again?

HP laptop, Windows 7
  • sn4p2k Level 4 (1,215 points)
    go to the itunes website and re-download and install itunes..
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    same problem happened to me also.

    Dell Laptop, after upgrading to the new iTunes, i get sync errors and unable to sync.

    I have done everything I can find online to make it work, and yet still no go.
    I downloaded and reinstalled iTunes, Restored my iPhone4, updated all my pc drivers to ensure everything was working. Still will not update or sync properly.
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    ive uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes, and it is still giving me the error that the syncing file is missing :/. *** did they leave out in the update????
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    I have also had this same issue and have removed and reinstalled iTunes, reset my iPhone 4 and still same thing. It connects but then it gets stuck on the Mobile Me promo junk in iTunes and clicking on the Not Now link does nothing. It just sits on that screen and doesn't allow to move forward. Very frustrating as I now have to do all my purchasing, downloading, etc. right on the phone rather than computer which is not that great. It's faster to download on computer and sync but since can't sync now only alternative is on the phone.
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    I'm having the same problem with a 3GS.  I have the exact same configuration as corey-edm.  I suspect there is a USB problem, but I can't prove it.  I can do short syncs (couple of albums) but it fails on long ones.  I'm suspecting the USB goes to sleep and corrupts the sync.


    I've spent hours with Apple, and all they suggest is that I start shutting off services one-by-one. In other words, they don't have a clue.

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    did anyone get an answer to this??