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I would appreciate help with importing my iphone and itunes store data (purchased apps and podcasts) into a new itunes library please.

Background - about half my CD collection is kept in storage overseas. On a recent trip home I re-ripped those CDs in Apple Lossless into a new library: they were ripped using itunes 7 on a different mac to my home mac; my home mac uses itunes 10; the new library is on a different external HDD to the old library (also on an external HDD); prior to ripping the Lossless versions I created a new itunes library on the external HDD and ripped the CDs to that library. The old library on my home mac is comprised of AAC versions of those songs (and others that have been ripped since I moved overseas) together with my iphone data and itunes store podcasts. What I want to do is use the new Lossless library on my home mac (and re-rip the other half of my CD collection that I have with me).

I would prefer to not import the Lossless versions into the old library, because doing so will create duplicates.

At present I'm using both libraries: redirecting itunes to look at the relevant HDD as necessary.

How can I import my itunes store purchases and iphone data into the new library? I am not that fussed about the iphone data; I don't want to repurchase the itunes store purchases.


mac mini 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.6), iphone 4