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This may be a very obvious fix but Im still experimenting with this recording stuff.

Im composing/recording some tracks in Logic 9 on a Mac Book Pro. As an interface im using an old MBox 2 that I got with my Pro Tools rig a while ago. It works fine. Ive recorded numerous intrument tracks etc etc/guitar tracks - you name it. Flawless.
Now Im doing the drums tracks using a TD-20x: I thought this would be dead dead simple; just take a stereo feed from the master outputs on the back of the module and plug them into the MBox like I have with everything else.
When i do this I can monitor the drums fine straight out of the Mbox no problem at all BUT as soon as I hit record enable or input monitoring in Logic all i get sound wise is loads of hissy/peaking noise. When I hit the drums sometimes the sounds come through but they sound distant, under a lot of strain and like theyre being processed through some heavy distortion/compression. Basically very unpleasant and wrong. I tried everything I can think of and no joy - same thing out of the module headphone socket. I tried bypassing the MBox and recorded using the line in on the MacBook - exactly the same problem and ditto when I tried using Garageband. The line input is fine as I plugged in my iPod and it recorded the feed fine. Its just this **** TD-20 feed it doesnt like...

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    You may have overlooked the obvious like I did when I first hooked up my Roland to Logic Studio. I'm using a Apogee Duet as my input, but the mistake(s) that I made were to have my output on the Roland unit set slightly too high and not be running a "clean" instrument channel in Logic. Be sure that your output on your Roland is moderate, but not maxed out. Also, verify that you aren't running any unintended effects on your drum channel in Logic/Garage Band. Good luck to you if that's not the issue!