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I have no clue what has happened. Synced my iPad today w/ my iTunes and thought all was well. Until I went to go online the next time, and couldn't. Come to find out my iPad has "forgotten" that it's even suppose to HAVE wifi! The option in settings is gone - it's greyed out, and there's nothing you can do. [This is a iPad 16GB-wifi; updated to latest software.]

I've read the manuals online. I've read through the forums. I've read various website. I've tried everything listed. Last try was resetting it completely, back to a "new iPad" - and it still doesn't have wifi as an option.

Anything else I should try? Unfortunately the closest Apple store is about an hour and half away from me, and I'm one of the primary caretakers for my elederly-disabled father --- which makes taking a day off to try to get this seen about very difficult.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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