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The Control Surface Preferences option "Control surface follows track selection" tick box seems to be broken...

Here is an example of why I need this mode to function properly:

I have a reverb plugin inserted on an AUX channel and I want to edit it using the "PLUG-IN" mode on my Mackie controller.

I have a variety of sources which I am sending to this one AUX .

If I select a particular channel in the arrange page ( for example, to adjust a send level) the Mackie immediately snaps to the selected channel whether the "Control surface follows track selection" box is ticked or not.

Mac Pro 2.93ghz quad, Macbook core2 duo, Mac OS X (10.6.5), Logic 9.1.3
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    The "Track Lock" parameter in theControl surface setup window apparently duplicates the functionality of the "Control surface follows track selection" button.....

    Track Lock: Determines how the control surface responds when a track is selected in Logic Pro—in essence, this remotely affects the Track and Track (Split Lower) parameters. When set to “on,” the control surface group continues to display the same track, independent of the currently selected track in Logic Pro. When set to Off, the control surface group automatically switches to the selected track, whenever a track is selected in Logic Pro.