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first things first, my ipod will not stay powered on unless plugged into a power source. i went to plug it into my moms computer first and then mine to upload some music on it and it would not connect. only the the little apple would come up. i downloaded the latest version of itunes. still nothing. after that i made 2 phone calls to apple and they told me to reset my ipod. after numerous attempts at that it finally reset until this morning i tried to plug it back in nothing comes up unless its the apple or the usb cord and an arrow pointing to itunes. *what can i do?*

also i plugged my ipod into my docking station it loaded to the home screen. then after i tried reseting it this morning it just keeps going back to the usb/itunes screen.

im about to just give up. im fustrated im on my 4th ipod now. my other ipod (which has other problems) connects fine to both computers.

as im currently trying to restore i keep getting the error message 1611.

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