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I have many songs on my IPod and playlists but when I put the IPod on Shuffle (as I usually do) it always seems to play from a small list of these songs and doesn't seem to shuffle through the whole playlist or library.
All songs are checked in my ITunes library.
All songs will play, but Shuffle will not select them all. I don't know why but it always seems to use the same 50 to 75 songs.
Is there a setting or some control which would limit the songs used in Shuffle?
I don't know how to solve this. What should I be looking for? Can you help?
Thank you.

Dell Dimension 2400, Windows XP
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    Are you going into the Songs menu to play songs in Shuffle mode? If not, then which ever menu you are using (artists, genre, composer) will not have all your songs in it.

    Another reason why songs may not play in Shuffle mode is because the songs are set to *Skip when shuffling.* Try this test; put the iPod in shuffle mode (do not start shuffle from the Main Menu), play a song and look at the 1 of X number below the artist info. Note the X number. Now turn off Shuffle and check the X number again. If it increases, then those extra (new) songs are set to *Skip when shuffling* and you will need to change them in iTunes and Sync the iPod to iTunes. (Select the song in iTunes; *File/Get Info/Options* and make sure the box named *Skip when shuffling* does not have a tick in it. If it does, that's the problem.

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    Also while plugged in to iTunes, see if you have selected the option to "play higher rated songs more often" or something like that. What I did was uncheck that option and just to be sure set all the songs in my library to "no stars".
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    I checked that I am in 'Songs' when in Shuffle mode (yes I am) and that it is not set to 'Skip in Shuffle' also (same number of songs as per the check suggeted.

    I restored my IPOD to reset all settings and now if seems fine.

    Your assistance is appreciated. Thanks again!
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    SOLVED. The solution was to restore.