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My daughter bought an ipod and installed itunes on the family pc. Being a firm believer (and I'm sure this will turn away answers to my question) in not mixing Windows components and Apple components as you will undoubtedly ask for death (I currently have a possible display driver problem now that itunes has been added and my wife and I each personally own a Zune), how do I set the Apple/"i" services to ONLY run when her account is running and how do I remove the FireFox Addon in the plugins bin since Internet Explorer is still on the PC and I don't care if itunes uses it to its hearts content, but I do care that it is added to FireFox. Using XP MCE 2005 SP3 and itunes 10 is on the PC. If none of you know the answer, is there an easier way of contacting technical support? The support page certainly leave something to be desired.

Windows XP, SP3 MCE 2005
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    Firefox uses the npitunes.dll file for the itunes application detector. On an XP system (assuming you've got your program files installed on your C), you'll find that at:

    C:\Program files\iTunes\Mozilla Plugins\npitunes.dll

    I can't remember if removing that file will trigger a repair install of iTunes the next time you launch iTunes using one of the advertised shortcuts automatically installed by iTunes. If it does, and replaces the file, create a new (non-advertised) desktop shortcut for iTunes and always launch the application from that shortcut you created yourself in order to stop the repair install from putting the npitunes.dll back.
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    sweet. deleted the whole Mozilla folder from that location and all fixed. iTunes didn't even blink an eye at it. Thanks.
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    iTunes didn't even blink an eye at it.

    Many thanks. (I'd done the experiment of removing the file and launching iTunes a month or two ago in the course of a troubleshoot, but couldn't remember the result or find the topic in question.)

    An update of the iTunes version will put the file back, so you'd need to re-remove it after one of those.