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My trackpad always pushes down and clicks but the computer doesn't always recognize the clicks. If I just do the tap to click (without actually pushing the trackpad down) it always works so somewhere in the clicking its not making a connection or something.. I tried the software tip I heard about where you adjust the settings and messed around with the screw that adjusts how far the pad clicks down (underneath the battery) and neither seemed to work. I bought a can of compressed air (not sure if I should use it in there or not..) Anyone familiar with this problem? I'm hoping there is something I can do to fix it without having to buy a replacement part. And I would use an external mouse but I use my laptop mostly on my recliner and it doesn't work real well. The tap to click works ok but when gaming and you're in a rush to be clicking I sometimes run my finger too far on the pad so it doesn't recognize as a click and more of just moving the mouse around..

Really hope someone has an idea.. I'll try anything that doesn't require me to take too much more apart than I already have.

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    I had the exact same problem. I had to take my Macbook in to get fixed for a different problem, and the tech guys there told me they would replace the trackpad if I wanted to buy a new one. They didn't charge me extra labour time for installing it, and now it works perfectly. The new trackpad cost me about $80.
    If you get yours replaced, they'll charge you for labour on top of the part, so you're looking at paying at least $140, maybe more. I don't really think that's worth it, and if I were you, I'd just keep doing the tap-click.

    Hope this helped.
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    Yea, I kinda figured it would be an expensive repair that's why I hoping someone has a tip or trick to actually fix the problem [kinda like the old nokia phones you had to add a piece of paper on top of the battery so it would make a better connection ;P] tapping to click works ok but it is a night and day difference to just be able to click the mouse and have it work! That is the way I prefer to use it [especially for gaming] and it's really annoying when I do something that makes me think I fixed it but then it stops working again! I looked up a replacement mouse on eBay and it looks like I can get one for around $40 but all the ones I could find were used and who knows how long they'll work... plus looking at it I don't know if I'd know exactly how to install it!

    Basically I'm looking for something that'll at least help, if not fix the problem [kinda like the paper behind the nokia phone batteries] it's the only issue I have with my computer and for me it's a big one!