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Dear All,
I bought my iMac last August, less than a year, but I found there are many black or grey shades in my iMac. Yes, it is "in" not "on." It is not on the surface. One can clearly see the "dirt" is behind the front glass of the iMac. It spreads all the way on the top of my display.
Seeing is believing, and these are the pictures, though not very good:
Worse, it is not the first time. I have another iMac, and it has the same problem right in the middle of the display.
For your information, these two iMac's are not in the place - one is at home, and the other is in office. Also, they are not used by the same person. Therefore, the reason is unlikely to be misuse or accident.
Does anyone has the same problem? I hope I can just fix it by myself instead of sending the iMac's back to factory to repair.
Thanks in advance.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)