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Do they exist?

If so how can I install them?

If not are there applescript actions for numbers and where can I learn to use them?

Any info at all would be greatly appreciated

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    As far as I know, no automator actions are delivered by Apple.

    To get Scripts, you may go to my iDisk


    and scan the contents of the folder :

    For_iWork:iWork '09:

    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) jeudi 3 février 2011 12:02:38
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    Thanks very much for the quick reply Yvan.

    I've found the scripts and I may give them a try.

    Hopefully Apple will include Automator Actions in a future version of Numbers!
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    I tried going to the link that you refer to, and it no longer works. Can you post a new one? I was trying to see those scripts you created.





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    That's a very old post. The files are now located here.



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    Thanks a lot!



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    Hi Guyzs,


    I'd like to create an action that will enable me to list my file names in Numbers, file type and date of creation and modification. 


    The thing is that I have 900 documents (PDFs, ppt, xls, doc, etc...) contained in folders and sub folders, to list one by one in Numbers, with 4 columns: file name (just the name, not the extension, to be in column A), file extension (with the DOT before the extension name, to be in column B), creation date (to be in column E) and last modification date (to be in column F).


    I'm very new to Automator and Apple Scripts, as I only tried long time ago once or twice and miserably failed, while aided by tutorials.





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    Hi Fab'


    I can't advise on the details of the Automator workflows and AppleScript needed to extract the four columns of data.


    But you will want the script to output in tab-separated or comma-separated format that can be imported into Numbers. 


    Numbers 3.0 has only minimal AppleScript support, so you can't push the data to it directly.


    But importing tsv or csv should work nicely.