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Stalvros Level 1 Level 1
Basically, I have to like tap it repeatedly
before the buttons get pressed.

To be specific,
only in bottom left and bottom right region of the ipad.
Also sometimes the top left and top right region of the ipad.
However, the middle region seems ok.
Is this a problem that I need to bring
to offical ipad warranty to fix?

I recently installed a spy screen on the ipad.
Could this contribute to the problem as well?

iPad, iOS 4
  • lllaass Level 10 Level 10
    If by "spy screen" you mean a transparent piece of plastic that goes over the screen, yes that can reduce the sensitivity of the screen.
  • Cacher123 Level 1 Level 1
    Also if you wash your hands alot! Don't laugh! I have a screen protector also and right after I wash my hands, the conductivity goes down and I sometimes don't get good response. I have also found this to happen on unprotected screens on devices other than iPads but to a lesser degree. It has to do with extremely dry, clean skin being less of a conductor.
  • Peter Mallamo Level 1 Level 1
    I occasionally have this problem when watching videos, and have to tap the screen several times to get the controls to show up. I too have a screen protector and think this is the main reason, but I have not experienced it when doing anything else with the ipad.

    I found that if I rub my fingers together for a few seconds it alleviates the problem.

  • Stalvros Level 1 Level 1
    Would you guys recommend that I get the ipad PEN?
    Or what should I do? Just take off the plastic protective thingy?

    I washed my hand frequently,
    doesnt help
  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9
    I occasionally have this problem when watching videos, and have to tap the screen several times to get the controls to show up.

    I thought it a simply a tap but mine needs a tap and hold to get the controls to come up.
  • hdaustralia Level 1 Level 1

    i have a similar problem but i find that the middle part of my ipad screen is not responsive.

    It first came to my attention when I was on the main screen and trying to reposition certain apps by dragging them across the middle of the screen. Apps on the right of the screen do not drag easy/at-all across the middle part to the left of the screen and vice-versa. 

    The same has happened in games and apps, for instance Words with Friends there are certain places I just cannot drag a tile to.
    When I was using iAnnotatePDF and mucking around with the drawing tool testing this, I couldn't draw a circle (broke in the middle) and couldnt draw a line through that difficult area.

    For some of the time I am lucky enough to be able to switch to portrait (or landscape) and reposition the material on the screen so that I am clicking in a different part and avoiding the middle of the screen, but the problem is becoming annoying.


    Ive noticed the issue since i first got my ipad2, and before I placed a plastic protector on it. Does anyone else have problems with their middle part of the screen or is it just me?