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I'm new with Mac, so pls forgive me if I'm in wrong area, but I'm so frustrated trying to figure out why my Nikon D-80 remains "unnamed device" when I connect it to my MacBook Pro.

All other features work just fine. I just don't like not seeing my camera identified in the source area. Seems a bit strange..

Could this be a Nikon issue? (I'm not very computer literate...)

Tks for any suggestions.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    As long as you are able to upload your photos from the camera, it makes not a bit of difference whether the camera is correctly identified. In fact the Mac may not be "seeing" the camera at all: it may see only the memory card inside the camera. If it does, that's enough, and exactly the same thing that would happen if you were using a USB card reader to upload your pictures: the Mac would "see" the card, but not the reader. Not to worry.