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I have been using Facetime since last August. Lately if I switch from Facetime to look at something during the call, I get a black screen when I try to go back to the call. Anyone else having the same issue?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.6), ipod mini, iPhone 3G, iBook G4, iphone 4
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    Same problem here.
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    i had that problem by these days, i talked with a women from apple and she helped me. the only reason why the black screen appears when you switch to another app and comeback to Facetime is because you still have the apps opened, i mean when you go to another app you have not closed the last one, so try this for closing the apps, press "Home" twice, you will see on the bar down in the screen all the last apps you have used, press one of the apps and hold it press for a while, you will see how the apps hesitate, like when you want to delete an app but it is on the bar down, after this you will have a small red ball with a line in the middle at the left corner on each app, if you press it the app will get closed. close all the apps, turn off the devise and turn it on again and try, it should work, at least it worked on me. close all the apps every night and you wont have this problem anymore. This problem happens because when you have so many apps opened they use lots of the ipod´s memory. i hope this works for you
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that next time I get the black screen. I did go into the local Apple store, and they recommended a restore, so that's where I am currently.
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    I had the black screen problem as well and closing all the apps solved the problem.  Thank you for your post.