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  • mculmore Level 1 (30 points)
    I did contact the Apple App Store support, but they really could offer no additional help in this matter. Email response is attached below.


    Hank here from the iTunes Store. I understand that you want to delete the apps but the purchase pages are saying that they are ready for install. I can certainly appreciate how eager you are to clear this issue up.

    As an Advisor for the iTunes Store, I handle issues related to billing, downloading, customer accounts, and the items available on the iTunes Store. Although your question falls outside of my area of specialty, I will be happy to assist you with resolving your issue.

    Matthew, here is a an article from the Apple library that may help.

    Finding the "Five Rs" of iPod troubleshooting

    If that does not work, I would most definitely suggest that you go to technical support.

    If you require more assistance, you may wish to call our AppleCare technical support team. A technical Advisor will be able to tell you about Apple's complimentary and fee-based support options as well as assist you in determining what option might be most helpful in this case. To find the appropriate phone number, please visit:

    Another option is to simply describe your issue using our website and arrange for an Apple Expert to call you. Using this option, you can receive a phone call now, or make an appointment to have an Apple Expert call you later if that is more convenient. To explore the Apple Expert option, please visit:

    Mathew, I do realize that I have not resolved your issue. I do hope that the resources I have provided will show you the direction that will resolve the issue. I hope you have a great day.


    iTunes Store Customer Support

    Please Note: I work M-F,8:00 - 4:30 PM (EST)

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you. You may receive an AppleCare survey email; any feedback you provide would be greatly appreciated.

    I sent all info to Apple Experts as advised, and will post any response as it comes to me.
  • deggie Level 9 (52,130 points)
    It is off of your Mac when you delete it. And like Terence I also suggested you suggest a non-notification category for "Report this problem".

    But how do you get vendors to take you off their contact list for software you purchased through other channels? I've had no luck with that at all.
  • mculmore Level 1 (30 points)
    (suggest a non-notification category for "Report this problem".) Both of your suggestions are right on.

    I have done that and will suggest they do that at each next step up the Tech Support Food Chain as that is exactly what would work.

    This situation reminds me of relationships with an ex, you don't mind them knowing you are around, you just don't want to see them or visibly be on their radar.

    As to being removed from contact lists of unwanted vendors, I have always just requested they remove me from their mailing lists and have had great co-operation so far. Or set your filter to see their mail as junk, or use that little button in email and Bounce it back as unreceived or undeliverable.

    Thanks again.
  • Grant Wray Level 1 (5 points)

    I concur with this thread.

    Now that the App Store has become a new version, I do not want to see a list of the apps that I have downloaded, tried out and rejected. It's cluttering up screen real-estate. The purpose of the Downloaded but not on this Device list is to give you access to things you have bought and might want later. If I've decided I really don't want it, I want it gone. I care not a jot if AMEX or the FBI know I downloaded it, I just don't want to see it's face again.


    To be honest, I hate the idea of iCloud synching my devices. I have an 8Gb iPod, I don't want that space filled up with apps I buy on an iPad or Mac or whatever. And I don't use Twitter, so I want all those damned Twitter and Facebook buttons OFF my applications - they are just clutter.


    Clutter is NOT Apple.

  • 1macprincess! Level 1 (45 points)

    TD-Love your suggestion. The "opt-out of update notifications" which you can customize for each app would solve it perfectly for me.


    As far as your comment regarding the flirtation: Using that term in that context makes perfect sense to me.


    Plus, what's wrong with a little flirting anyway? (hope they don't toss me over that one)

    I say this frequently on this board....Lighten up people!

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