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  • ACABThomas Level 1 (0 points)

    Just had the same problem, read the post about cleaning the battery contacts and that worked for me.  Ensure all your battery contacts are clean and try it again. 

  • Deandrathol Level 1 (0 points)

    So mine is dead as of this morn. It was never really quick at finding the mouse after a battery change but they always worked (rechargeable energizer and Duracell both worked previously). I've followed all suggestions on here, cleaning battery contacts and SHIFT, CONTROL, OPTION... Still nothing. No green light. I'm assuming this ones a dud? It's less than 6mo old.

  • Nick Lightbody Level 1 (0 points)

    Try this from IB Retired above - it worked for me








    Try this. I had the same problem and called AppleCare. This is what they told me to do.
    Lost wireless mouse
    FIX- power down computer. Hold SHIFT, CONTROL, OPTION and POWER BUTTON down for 10 seconds and then release. Power on computer. Move pointer over Bluetooth icon on menu at top right. Choose “Set up Bluetooth Device”. When window opens up turn off the mouse for 2 seconds and turn back on. Mouse should show up in window. Pair mouse.


  • Deandrathol Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the reply Nick... I mentioned in my note that I already tried this and it did not work. I think that I may have batteries that appear charged on the charger but may have bit the dust permanently.... I was switching 2 pairs of rechargable batteries back and forth and they are always plugged in. I may have to buy some new ones.

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    My mouse has been disfunctional for 2 days.  I tried the advice from IB Retired and it worked!!  I'm back in business!!  Thanks very much!

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    I've had my mac for a month and am incredibly disappointed with the issues so far. Mouse is just the latest problem. The entire unit powered off in the first week. Then after taking it to Best Buy (where it was purchased for a pretty-penny) I got my unit back with a defective mouse (had been fine prior to the 'visit'). It lost it's two finger sllide function and only slides to left for certain pages and on desktop (never right) though it used to. I had an HP laptop top of the line which lasted me 6 years, was impressed with it, but thought that for business purposes (and after it's death) I oguht to be using a better computer, etc. I contemplated several. This was the one. Impressed with features, simplistic operating system, but not the quality thus far. The batteries have been changed in my mouse twice. Today it's possessed because it is zooming in and out like a psycho...cannot get it to stop unless I shut it off. Battery changes never make a difference. I don't know what's going on with this thing and I am back to using a regular wireless mouse (from my laptop). Discouraged and disgruntled (and just try to call best buy or go there to get help (no real people to talk to and waiting in line for two hours before being seen is inconvenient - so is toting a gigantic heavy box back and forth).... No technololgy is fool proof is what I'm thinking.

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    Good tip. In addition to those; if you are using rechargable batteries, the minus (negative) side of the battiery itself get coated with odixation too. Clean both the mouse's contacts and the battiery's.

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    How do you move the pointer to an icon if the mouse isn't working?

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    Use a laser mouse. I am using my Logitech M305 mouse which I used with my HP laptop. I plug in the usb and it works great. It's dissapointing that I cannot have the cool functions I had (the first week of owning my Mac- but after that the mouse was having issues anyways and is now dead...) but at least I can use my computer.

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    hey thank-you for this comment my magic mouse is in full working order now!

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    Thank you so much for this, IB Retired!


    First I cleaned the connectors, then I stopped using rechargeables and put in a brand new pair of Energizers.


    Then I followed your instructions.


    Worked like a charm.


    Thanks again. It's a mighty Magic Mouse!

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    Thanks! This worked for me too!

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         I had the same problem, no green light but conection was ok, touch ok, click ok.My warranty has expired and i open myself the Magic Mouse.I found sings of oxidation near a diode, the unused pin form the diode make conection with the anode of the diode.I cleen up the oxidation with alcohol isopropyl and now my magic mouse work again.


    I'm sure this is an manufacturer defect.So if you have warranty, good for you.If not take a look inside your Magic Mouse.


    Thank You!


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    Thank you for sharing this. This worked very well for me. I do hope that others that find this comment useful "Like" it so that this solution can move up the page.

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    Sooo amazed and impressed with IB Retired's answer - I had swapped batteries but no green light on mine either. Can't believe that simple move got it back and would love to know why it died in the first place...

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