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Michael Dofelmire1 Level 1 Level 1
Was wondering if anyone knew of any software out there that would make it so I could edit 2d movies into 3d. I know it wouldnt be the best 3d.

Mac OS X (10.6.6)
  • Nick Holmes Level 7 Level 7
    It wouldn't be 3d at all. You need a special camera with dual lenses.
  • Wherrito Level 2 Level 2
    You can convert 2d material to 3d with just about any 2d compositing program, but it is horribly tedious, soul sucking work.
    Basically, you need to roto every object from foreground through midground, then offset those objects on the x axis at corresponding values for their desired place in z depth, The background having the largest offset.
    Then, you will need to paint back the holes left by the offset.
    This will give you flat, carded objects set in 3d space.
    To sculpt those objects, you will need to warp them by stretching the pixels that are closest to their respective "eyes" and squeezing those farther away.

    Clear as mud?
  • Kevan D. Holdsworth Level 4 Level 4
    Riiiighhht...I'll try that tomorrow...or maybe next year...or maybe never.

    However long it takes the mud particulates to settle.

    ; ]
  • D Gilmore Level 4 Level 4
    Try Patrick Sheffield's Anaglyph Beta Plugin for fake 3D
  • Kerry Gammill Level 1 Level 1
    I'm amazed to find, after much searching, that there is apparently nothing for the mac to aid in converting 2D movie frames to 3D. I've done a lot of 3d conversions on still images and would like to start working on video. I know someone who converted an entire movie to 3D by himself and it looks pretty darn good. I'm trying to assist him with his next project but I can't find a mac equivalent of the software he uses. He uses something called Bas-Relief ( http://www.3dmix.com/eng/barelief.php ) to apply displacement filters using depth maps created in Photoshop to create the alternate view to give the 3D effect. Photoshop has this function but it is very limited compared to what Bas-Relief can do. Doesn't anyone know anything similar to this for mac?
  • saxman1.586 Level 1 Level 1

    There are now a bunch of them out there. Do a Google search for "mac 2D to 3D conversion" They tend to be around $35. I have been using iSkysoft products, which have been fairly easy to use. They have a "iMedia Converter Deluxe for Mac" that besides the 2D to 3D conversion, will also convert video to 70+ formats, has a 1-Click Video Downloader, and a single click Convert and Burn to DVDs feature. Also claims to be "Ultrafast" all for the same price others apps are that only do the conversion.

  • Francisdodo Level 1 Level 1



    Please advise: is it possible to watch 3D videos on my iPod? I mean has anyone tried to convert regular videos to 3D and watch them on their iPod?


    I'm asking because a friend of mine said that he actually converts some of his videos to 3D format (he says anaglyph, which is red-blue imagery) and watch them on his iPod. But I think he's joking, never heard of such thing as a program that do such thing..


    Anyway he told that the program he used was 3D Video Converter and also he tried to such thing in Adobe After Effects. But I don't know...Have you tried to do such conversion of video to 3D? Or maybe you know other programs that can do 3D video out of regular and are proven to support iPod?


    Your suggestions are welcome,

  • saxman1.586 Level 1 Level 1

    I have not done this myself, but check out:   http://www.video-converter-mac.org/2d-to-3d-converter/

    (Video Converter for Mac) I currently have an older version. I have used various other iSkysoft products and they are pretty user friendly. In doing some internet searches, I have seen the idea that you can do photos in PhotoShop, so I would guess you could use After Effects, but I'm sure Video Converter is easier.

  • Nick Holmes Level 7 Level 7

    Another iSkySoft spammer with a single post to their name. Get out.

  • saxman1.586 Level 1 Level 1

    Mr. Holmes:


    I have been posting in various Apple forums (mostly GarageBand) for four years and have about 30 posts! I AM NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ISKYSOFT IN ANY WAY!!!!! I only recommended Video Converter because I am a satisfied customer! Next time before you get all indignant, do some research first!