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Hey Ya,
I have some apps which I paid for which are also available for the iPHONE4 But when I search for them it is showing the cost and I have the option to buy them? i this unfair if I already paid for them for the iPAD and now because I think the app is good I want it on the iPhone which is like the mini me of the iPAD please advise as I cant afford to purchase the app twice,
Thank you,

iPAD, iOS 4
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    Did you try syncing the iPad version to your iPhone using iTunes?

    Also..Are both your iPad and iPhone registered using the same Apple ID?

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    Yup some apps went over that are compatable but like I have a program on the iPAD called Splashtop which is amazing, and I thought that app would of synced with the iPHONE but it didnt so I searched for it and it is showing me the price if I want it...
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    There are apps out there that are for iPad only. These apps includes but not limited to Keynote, Pages, Numbers, etc. It sounds like Splashtop could be one of them.

    To sync those that are supported by both devices just plug in your iPhone and it should sync automatically. You can also go to the Apps tab in iPhone preferences to see which apps are iPad only and universal.

    Looks like you might need to buy this one :oS

    I hope this helps..

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    Awww thanks Ricky when I download Splashtop for the IPAD it works perfect I searched for it for the iPHONE and it is also there which I can pay for but I am thinking why is it coming up as a seperate app if I already have the iPhone and when I sync that app will not go over and other apps also unless I repurchase them again especially for the iPhone
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    I think that most apps are compatible with both the iPad and iPhone - pretty much the majority, but sadly not all.

    I would guess it will change over time...fingers crossed! I have had the sam problem with 1 of my Apps.

    Hopefully it will be something that is rectified soon as I see it as a bit of a rip off. But then again most software we buy is 1 user 1 Mac...so I guess they are thinking the same way. But still!

    Anyways..sorry I couldn't help more.

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    Nope you have been excellent thanks so much Ricky, I think no matter what you buy if you have paid for it and it is under the same iTunes account it should say this is FREE as you have allready paid for it for your iPad it would be MUCH BETTER As after all you are still using the product and still paying for apps its just a shame that some apps wont, ie GLEE THE APP Synced on the iPAD Perfect my new iPHONE4 Arrived yesterday I synced it and the GLEE APP Went over no problem it is just some apps that I see for the iPHONE which I already have on the iPAD they are showing me the price if I wish to download it which is a bit odd, anyone else with info to help me and Ricky leave comments below
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    I found this using Google..


    It seems that only Universal Apps will sync to both your devices. I guess the one you are after is not universal.

    Problem solved...but not really. If they would release an updated version for both devices then that would really solve the problem.

    As I said..hopefully that will be the case in time.

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    NO WONDER Thanks Ricky ALSO ITUNES UPDATE Im not to sure if you have updated yours but once I did it is not recognising what apps I have paid for and what I havent what I mean is on iTUNES it shows all the apps installed but if I search for the app again it is showing my a price for the app rather then INSTALLED which it used to show I wonder will this glitch be fixed