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Back in July 2010, I ordered two iPhone 4s, one for me, and the other for my father.

I know that the limit is 2 units. Now, my uncle would like me to order one for him, if I use his credit card with my Apple ID, will it work?

In short, is the limit set to the credit card or to the Apple ID??

Thank you.

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  • sn4p2k Level 4 (1,215 points)
    I think its only a limit in the first few months of launch so that one customer doesn't get 5 iphones when there is another customer that gets 0 I think you will be fine ordering with any card or apple id that you want
  • tonefox Level 6 (9,160 points)
    It's a very simple experiment to find out the answer.
  • Kwopau Level 4 (1,730 points)
    As was said earlier, the only reason why they limited 2 per each person is because of the limited supply at that time with high demand. These days you can purchase more than 2 iphones if needed.
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    sn4p2k and Kwopau thank you very much that is very helpful.

    But the UK site still shows "* iPhone order limit: two per customer"

  • tonefox Level 6 (9,160 points)
    I would interpret that as "two per customer *+per order+*"

    I suggest again: just order it. You'll find out the truth a lot quicker than spending days discussing it here...
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    You don't understand. It's a bit hard to experiment because I'll ask him for the money so I can deposit it into my account then try out. He's not much of the internet guy thats why I'll have to get it for him.

    I'll do try anyway its the only way to find out as you said.

    I hope your interpretation is correct

    Thank you all!