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  • Kruegmeister Level 1 (0 points)

    Check that... NOT FIXED....

    Outbox Disappeared... Is it that hard to make a Permanent Outbox??? REALLY???

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    Also having the same problem. But only with Yahoo! and not gmail.

    Using Mail 5.3. Will Apple every solve this??

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    Same issue - sent an email from a gmail account this morning and got a reply - so it clearly was sent.  Wanted to forward the item 30 minutes later and it was not in 'sent items' and no sign of it anywhere else.  Other emails sent from the same account at roughtly the same time are all there.  This NEVER happens with my work computer which runs Microsoft Outlook.  I thought it was something odd with my iMac but it seems from this discussion that its a common problem with Apple.

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    Hey guys, got this problem solved. I'll tell you how. But before that  a small explaination on how I encountered it. I was using Outlook on my windows machine. 3 rs ago I shifetd to a mac & started using outlook but I very soon realised that the moment the PST file becomes big in size, you start encountering problems & Outlook crashes. Nowdays, when your whole life ( & work especially ) depends on mail, I wanted to try something else so I gave Thunderbird a chance. But Thunderbird is such a useless mail client. Hated it but continued for long enough. Apple mail somehow I wasn't confident enough but gave it a try and faced the same issue of " sent mails not getting solved" so checked with my tech support team and they resolved it for me. Here are the steps :


    The Mac or Apple Mail client requires that you specify that an IMAP folder be used for Sent mail. This can be simply done by:

    1. Clicking and highlighting the IMAP "Sent" Folder

    2. Clicking the "Mailbox" menu at the top

    3. Choosing "Use This Mailbox For" -> "Sent"


    If this helped you, pl let me know. Thanks.

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    Thanks I wil give it a try and see if that fixes the problem.  The problem is intermittant so it may be some time before i know if its fixed.   Interestingly the 'missing' sent item was on the iPad but never did turn up on the iMac - spooky!

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    Today I sent seven emails, all very similar but personalised so that they could not just be sent with a cc.

    All were sent two or three minutes apart. On each occasion I heard the shoosh as each email was sent.

    It occured to me that I may have spelled someones name incorrectly so I looked at the sent items file. The first four items were there, the last three were not. I am using btyahoo from my macbook mail appication so I looged into the bt mail account on line and again the first four emails appear as sent mail but the last three do not.

    I was left unsure as to whethter these emails were ever sent until one of them was replied to. This reply has the original email nested in it with the time stamp but there is no record of this sent email in my sent items folder on either apple's 'Mail', or my btyahoo account. Where did these emails go?

    All of mysoftware is current and uptodate. This is not the first time that this has happened although with previous individual emails \i have always questioned whether I accidentally deleted them rather than sent them. As this email was replied to this is obviously not the case.

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    I'm havong the same problem as you Scobie2UK.  I'm pretty sure the e-mailsa are being sent, but they are not saved to my Mac.  I have tried checking in Time Machine, and on my backup drive, but all to no avail.  As you say they are not stored on the btyahoo pnline account either.  it is a bit frustrating.  I might start bcc'ing myself to be sure that I have a copy.  Is there anything about it on the btyahoo?

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    Try using this to reset the IMAP and rebuild the buggy messages library: 3


    Also, if you really need to know whether an urgent email has been sent out, try using a web browser (mobile or on an actual computer) to login to the email and look in the sent box to make sure it works. Shouldn't be necessary, given that Apple Mail -should- work properly, but it's another solution I have used.

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    To add to the chain above, sent 4 business emails from my iPhone yesterday, all of which have disappeared.  The receipients did not receive the mail though I received the bcc responses, but now (12 hours later) even those bcc responses have disappeared.


    First time this has happened from the iPhone (previous instances have existed of disappearing and reappearing emails) and though not critical, discomforting thinking that this may happen again - especially in a business context.

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    Having the same problem and it keeps getting worse.  Has there been any fixes that actually work.  i tried some things recommended here and more sent messages disappeared.  THey are IMAP account messages.  GoDaddy.

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    I have used Eudora since 1995, what an elegant program.  I just got a new MacBook Pro because my Snow Leopard running machine is barely functional, dying battery, failing hard drive, so now i have Mountain Lion. So, no Rosetta, no Eudora.  i searched in vain for an email program that has anywhere near the functionality and ease of use of Eudora for complex tasks like sorting email into created mail boxes, and using Spam Sieve to filter span, it's trainable, it learns fast. So many more features and functions, gone. I've only had the computer three days. I tried using gmail, what chaos.  I downloaded MailMate but apparently it isn't very compatible with gmail, which Eudora easily downloads to my computer, by POP3.  So, with no other known option, i attempted to use Mail. I've tried to use it afew times over the years and found it to be counterintuitve and slow. I haven't tried it in a long time, so, without any other known choice, i've been using it for a couple of days. I worked hard on it tonight, using precious time to create mailboxes and go through some hundreds of emails, sorting them manually.


    That's when i encountered the problem of disappearing reappearing messages. At first, i didn't notice it because who would expect a mail program to do that. But after a while, i realized i kept finding the same messages in my inbox that i had tediously moved to other mailboxes. i checked the mailboxes i had moved those messages to. The messages were not in there.  They came back into my inbox. When i first moved them, they disappeared from the inbox and i thought, silly me, that the job was done and moved on to the next emails to be transferred. I clickedon the junk button and sent many emails to the junk mailbox, but they came back later.


    I have read this thread and see that there is no solutions.


    All i can say is what i always found in the past is still true, Mail is junk. It's a joke, an insult. When there is a program of the quality of Eudora, that Apple users think this is the best they can expect, is very sad. 


    So, i'm looking for another mail program. i don't see any value in trying to get Mail to work for me.  It's a waste of time, literally, all the work i did tonight for nothing because this program is designed to undo what you did and put the mail back into the place you just moved it from.  Ridiculous.

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    Well I am having a variation on this problem. I have been having important messages disappear after moving them from my Inbox to other Mailboxes. I just dont' know where they are going... poof... gone.


    Any ideas on a fix?

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    I don't seem to be seeing any contributions suggesting remedies. This is worrying. I recently decided to start using Mail after purchasing an iMac a few months ago. Astonished today when I discovered that lots of important emails in a particular folder I'd created On My Mac no longer have content! All the others do. I've spent all day trying to work out what has gone wrong but am none the wiser. This is crazy and unnerving.


    Is there anyone who understands what's going on?

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    Yes, I have tried several things, deleting preferences, rebuilding mailboxes. The particular dissappearing message symptom is yet to reappear. However, yesterday the prelude behavior returned.... when I delete a message, it remains in the inbox. I have to quit and restart mail for it to be moved to the trash. It matters not whether I use the delete key on the highlighted message, use the trash tool button, or the "move to trash" command in the "Message" menu. There is other weird associated behavior with the highlighting of a particular message jumping arround (if other messages were unsuccessfully deleted) when this happens too.


    All this started with Mavericks.... what a mess. Any ideas on a fix... what we need here is a serious software fix from Apple!!!!!!

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    quitting and restarting the mail app seems to work, but I'm using a mac at work now and need to know for sure whether mails have been sent. I'll have to use the company webmail until this is resolved. I just embarrased myself by sending duplicate emails to our head of HR.