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I've had this ipad for a week. it was working fine. today i used it at Starbucks and it conencted fine. Now I'm at home and it won't connect back to my network. I've tried to re-set the network - didn't work. turned wi-fi off and on -- didn't work. it's showing my bars and says I'm connected, but I can't get into safari or any apps.

ipad64 - wifi, iOS 4
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    Try powering off your router fro 30 seconds and restarting it before you attempt to connect.

    Also check to see if your router has the latest manufacturer's firmware level.

    Provide details on what router make/model you have and how it is configured (security type, DHCP or static IP, MAC address filtering, etc.). You probably are not getting a valid local network IP address from your router. To check on this open up the WiFi connection details by touching the ">" to the right of your network name in Settings > WiFi. Report what you see for the fields listed. If the IP address starts with 169 then your router is not supplying an IP address. Without this you will not be able to access the internet.
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    Same exact problem with me. It worked perfectly for a week, I went on a trip,then had connection problems at the airport. Now, can't connect at home either. However, I can connect at work. I have a d-link 614+ router. I tried resetting the router, applied the "forget this network" and "renew lease" in network settings.
    "DHCP" is default selected IP address, as is HTTP Proxy "off"
    IP address shows
    Subnet mask
    Router and DND

    Thanks! Please help me revert back to the extremely happy user I was a week ago-
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    Try a hard reset of your iPad.

    1 Hold the home and power buttons

    2 Ignore the slide to turn off that comes up.... Keep holding the buttons

    3 The screen will go black... Keep those buttons down =)

    4 A white apple will appear on the screen... NOW let go of the buttons.

    5 It will finish booting in a couple minutes.

    6 Now see if you can connect and browse.
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    I don't know if this will help but I had similar issues and finally figured out the problem. My router was broadcasting wireless b/g/n and the iPad would not connect or would not reconnect after unlocking it. I returned the iPad and bought a new router, neither helped. I then set the router to only broadcast wireless n and the issue was resolved. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks everyone for your comments. I tried several things, to no avail. The funny thing is my iPad worked everywhere else; plus I have several other devices at home that were also connecting fine. It's just that the iPad would not work with my home router. I tried rebooting and resetting everything, even purchased a new router (my old one was 6 years old). It still didn't work. I was ready to package up the iPad and return it, when, as a last ditch effort, I connected the iPad to my desktop via USB cable, connected to iTunes, and reinstalled everything. It took 30 minutes, but it worked. Everything is normal now-
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    I just took my iPAD out of the box, registered it and ran through the steps that should have connected to my home Apple wi-fi router. the hot-spot accepted my password and shows checked in my 'choose a network' list as thought it is connected. The 'choose a network' indicator never showed 'joining' and continues to show the circling symbol indicating it is working on joining. When this didn't work, I tried successfully to join my son-in-law's network so I know the iPAD can successfully join. It apparently has an issue with my Apple hotspot. Any help in getting this working?
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    may have something to do with firewalls.

    I have an iMac and have not had firewalls turned on until recently, have had the iPad since May and it has been working fine. Then I thought I should turn the firewall on a couple of weeks ago, and the iPad quit connecting to the internet through airport, altho' it did connect to the computer itself. Finally remembered that I had turned on the firewall and so turn it back off and voila - iPad connects to internet again.
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    I am using an Airport Express that I probably installed in 2008 as the hotspot. My Mac Mini Airport attaches to this and I have successfully attached my business PC and a few other devices so device access in general has been successful. The Airport Express appears to communicate to the extent that it engages with the dialog over password and if I enter an incorrect p/w it rejects. It just cannot seep to get through the network join step.
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    WOW! How easy!!!!! This worked for me and definitely saved me a lot of grief. After hours of pulling my hair out, all I did was power down my router, which now looking back, would have made sense.  After I did that, my Ipad 2 connected to my wifi (dlink 615) with ease. I did also check the IP adress and it was a 169 but now it's all good with a 192.

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    @sky k - Don't get too excited - I have to do this twice a week.

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    If you have a VPN set on your IPad, it will automatically use this if your away from your home wifi, look at settings and see if you have VPN setup.

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    Hey look at that, Hard Reset on the IPAD2 for the win!!  I didn't even know you could do a hard Re-set on this thing.  Thanks for the help!!