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I'm brand new to this... just got a 15" MacBook Pro over the weekend after using a PC for longer than I'd like to admit. So far so good... However, I purchased iBank (4) because I was a MS Money user and needed something compatible. I got it specifically because it said I could import MS Money data, which is key because I have over five years' worth of data in that program.

I had three separate accounts in Money - 1 checking and 2 savings. I followed the instructions carefully--set up the accounts first, created QIF files for each Money account named exactly as they were in MS Money, and then imported into iBank. The two savings accounts imported flawlessly. However, the checking account has some issues. The ending balance isn't accurate. I tried deleting and starting from scratch multiple times, to no avail.

On the IGG Software Forums, other people suggested that transfers may have been duplicated, but this wasn't the case. I started going through the import line-by-line to match it against my MS Money data, and oddly some transactions just imported with completely incorrect amounts. For example, several of my payments to Comcast were, let's say $126 in MS Money. But in iBank they would be a totally different amount.

I'm hoping someone has some suggestions because I really don't want to lose 5+ years of banking data. I posted on the IGG Software forum and also emailed their customer support... but would appreciate any suggestions.

MacBook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I had similar problems trying to import 10+ years of data from Quicken. I must say I gave up in the end and got Crossover for Mac, which seems to run Quicken pretty well. Depending on your version of MS Money, it might be a less painful solution for you. Worth downloading the trial at least...
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    Jeff, which version of Quicken are you running on crossover and do you get full functionality?

    I recently bought Parallels 5 AND 6 just to run Quicken 2010 and then 2011. I was appalled at how slowly they chugged along WITHOUT even letting me open my data files from the Quicken program itself (I keep track of Mom's and MiL's stuff on a separate data files). Plus I could swear they sucked memory/processing capabilities out of my MacBook pro Core i7 even when closed -- so I gave up, installed BootCamp and it works, but what a drag it is just to keep Windows 7 patched!

    I'd love a simpler answer, and you seem to like Crossover, which does not require a VM. Could you please tell me which version of Quicken you're using and exactly which functions are missing, if any?