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Is it possible to stream music to Sync via Bluetooth? I know you can do it with the USB cable, and I know my phone uses Bluetooth when it's synced. Unfortunately I can't get Sync to work with my iPod to stream music over Bluetooth. I'm wondering if it's even possible, because I tried for about 15 minutes the other day, and got nowhere. I remember my phone (Blackberry) was extremely easy to get working.

It'd be great to not need to take the USB cable any time I want to listen to my iPod in the car.

Ford Sync + iPod touch 3g, iOS 4
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    Have you contacted Ford?
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    It's not a Ford issue, it's an Apple issue. Given the popularity of the iPod/iPhone and how many Fords have been sold with Sync, surely someone here knows about this.
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    Its possible, I can do it in my 2010 flex. Just hit the media button on the car cycle through USB, Line and Bluetooth. Once you hit bluetooth, whatever is playing on the ipod/iphone comes out your stereo. Make sure your paired (obviously) and that the little airplay icon is set to Sync.
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    I have a Ford 2011 Edge and my iphone did sync but when isync did an automatic update, I lost my phone connections. THen I was able after a couple of iphone updates, bluetooth was able to sync again. Two weeks ago, I lost all voice connections. I called Ford last week and they said to update my iphone. My iphone is updated but I still don't have voice commands in the car. Seems like it is both an iphone and Ford isync issue. I see others have similar problems but I'm not finding solutions.
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    I am having issues with my iPhone using ford sync but only with the phone. It keeps dropping the buetooth connection a minute or two after starting the car.


    If you are having problems with Bluetooth audio, make sure under media you select BTST instead of inline.

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    Yes it's possible.  I've been listing to music or books on tape from my Iphone to Sync via Buetooth in my 2011 truck for 9 months.  This week it stopped working.  Driving me nuts trying to figure out why it stopped working

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    Get an android based phone.


    I just leased a ford fusion and the ios crashed the  sync program.  I was going crazy looking up information and I wound up under the steering wheel, ripping out fuses to reset the system.  It happened twice more within a week and then I used my friend's droid to test the system out.


    The android based phone worked perfectly so I traded my beloved iPhone in and got a droid.  Not something I was pleased with but it was the phone or the car :/


    I'm hoping that there is some kind of software update with the iPhone 5 and hopefully I can come back, if not I will stick with the droid.