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I just bought Iphones for my wife and I and want to put Skype on them. I currently use Skype on my laptop to video call parents, friends, etc.

We share an iTunes account.

What I would like to know is how do I put Skype on my phone and her phone and keep the laptop version separate.

For example: If my wife and I are each at work, we would like to Skype each other with just our phones.

AND: If I am at work and she is at home (or vice versa) I would like to be able to Skype with her and my son via my phone to our laptop.

Do I setup new accounts for our phones? How would that work when I sync the phones with Itunes? Will it interfere with my laptop version?

Any help or insight greatly appreciated.

iOS 4, Dell laptop
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    You would need to set up separate Skype accounts, one for you, your wife and your son. Download the Skype app to each iPhone. This will let you sign into the Skype app on your iPhone and your wife to sign into their Skype app on her phone using her account. If you add each other as contacts you can easily use Skype to call each other during the day. Whoever Is using the Desktop can simply sign into Skype using their account details.

    There will be interference with iTunes when you sync phones.
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    Can you elaborate on the interference with syncing? The rest of the info you gave me seems painfully obvious to me AFTER I asked....

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    My apologies, I meant there would be NO interference with iTunes! Sorry for the confusion